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Topics are being moved between forums

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:48 pm    Post subject: Topics are being moved between forums Reply with quote

Due to large amount of information regarding the Grandmaster News, Articles, Reviews, Pictures, etc... Mixed with various languages: English, Chinese... In addition to reviews published during different time period: between Jan-Feb, 2013 to Jul-Aug, 2013 in anticipation for the movie release in different time zone (country, cities, area)

In anticipation of the release of Grandmaster in US, heavily populated with English speaking people (maybe it's a rumor) - the Topics that were published in the forums are being moved to more appropriate places. If you found your topic are not where it was before, look around. It's either in the News section, Movie section, or Article section. These areas are often interchangeable.

The Grandmaster Movie News, Information, Reviews are now gathered at the Movie section of the forum, with a few hits and misses. At least it's somewhat all in one place, for now.

Thanks for your understanding.


Some important things to share

The abbreviated counting system (for mostly English speaking world).

1 1st First
2 2nd Second
3 3rd Third
4 4th Fourth
5 5th Fifth
6 6th Sixth
7 7th Seventh
8 8th Eighth
9 9th Ninth
10 10th Tenth
11 11th Eleventh
12 12th Twelfth
13 13th Thirteenth
14 14th Fourteenth
15 15th Fifteenth
16 16th Sixteenth
17 17th Seventeenth
18 18th Eighteenth
19 19th Nineteenth
20 20th Twentieth
21 21st Twenty-first
22 22nd Twenty-second
23 23rd Twenty-third
24 24th Twenty-fourth
25 25th Twenty-fifth
26 26th Twenty-sixth
27 27th Twenty-seventh
28 28th Twenty-eighth
29 29th Twenty-ninth
30 30th Thirtieth
31 31st Thirty-first
32 32nd Thirty-second
33 33rd Thirty-third
34 34th Thirty-fourth
35 35th Thirty-fifth
36 36th Thirty-sixth
so on...


This is another counting system. For Roman numerals: so it adds up real fast!

1 - Part I
2 - Part II
3 - Part III
4 - Part IV
5 - Part V
6 - Part VI
7 - Part VII
8 - Part VIII
9 - Part IX or Part VIIII
10 - Part X
11 - Part XI
12 - Part XII
13 - Part XIII
14 - Part XIIII
15 - Part XV
16 - Part XVI
17 - Part XVII
18 - Part XVIII
19 - Part IXX
20 - Part XX
21 - Part XXI
22 - Part XXII

Symbol Value
I 1
V 5
X 10
L 50
C 100
D 500
M 1,000


Taiwanese uses a complete different calendar system (民國).

If you read their papers, it's always (民國xx年). To sync up with regular calendar year, here is a list.民國紀年

中華民國成立 (Republic of China, Taiwan)
1912 民國一年
1913 民國二年
1914 民國三年
1915 民國四年
1916 民國五年
1917 民國六年
1918 民國七年
1919 民國八年
1920 民國九年
1921 民國十年
1931 民國二十年
1941 民國三十年
1951 民國四十年
1961 民國五十年
1971 民國六十年
1981 民國七十年
1991 民國八十年
2001 民國九十年
2011 民國一百年
2012 民國一〇一年
2013 民國一〇二年
2014 民國一〇三年
2015 民國一〇四年
2016 民國一〇五年
2017 民國一〇六年
2018 民國一〇七年
2019 民國一〇八年
2020 民國一〇九年
2021 民國一一〇年
2031 民國一二〇年
2041 民國一三〇年
2051 民國一四〇年
2061 民國一五〇年
2071 民國一六〇年
2081 民國一七〇年
2091 民國一八〇年
2101 民國一九〇年


For English speaking world, they like to use Common Era (CE), or Calendar Era (whichever you think makes sense).公元

公元 (英语:Common Era,縮寫為C.E.)
1 1世紀 (the beginning of 1st Century)
101 2世紀
201 3世紀
301 4世紀
401 5世紀
501 6世紀
601 7世紀
701 8世紀
801 9世紀
901 10世紀
1001 11世紀
1101 12世紀
1201 13世紀
1301 14世紀
1401 15世紀
1501 16世紀
1601 17世紀
1701 18世紀
1801 19世紀
1901 20世紀
2001 21世紀
2101 22世紀
2201 23世紀
2301 24世紀
2401 25世紀
2501 26世紀
2601 27世紀
2701 28世紀
2801 29世紀
2901 30世紀
3001 31世紀
4001 41世紀
5001 51世紀
6001 61世紀
7001 71世紀
8001 81世紀
9001 91世紀
10001 101世紀



Great Grandparents (Great Grandpa, Great Grandma) - 1st Generation
Grandparents (Grandpa, Grandma) - 2nd Generation
Parents (Mother, Father) - 3rd Generation
Kids (Daughter, Son) - 4th Generation
Grand-kids (Grand-daughter, Grand-son) - 5th Generation

Relatives (Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, Nephews)
Foster parents (Foster Mother, Foster Father)
Foster Kids (Foster Daughter, Foster Son)


Friends (Social Friends)
Workmates (Worker-bees)
Cube-mates (Cubicle mates)

Boss (Bosses)

Bystanders (onlooker, passby, observer, spectator)



Some of the common abbreviated letters on the forum

7 Days of the week:

Monday: mon.
Tuesday: tues.
Wednesday: wed.
Thursday: thur.
Friday: fri.
Saturday: sat.
Sunday: sun.

12 Months of a year:

January: jan.
February: feb.
March: mar.
April: apr.
May: may.
June: jun.
July: jul.
August: aug.
September: sept.
October: oct.
November: nov.
December: dec.

Time of the day:

Midnight to Noon (12am - 12pm): am
Noon to Midnight (12pm - 12am): pm

A particular day might be formatted in various ways.

For instance:
May 1, 2014
May 1st, 2014
01 May, 2014


For the Chinese speaking folks:

Day 白天
today 今天
yesterday 昨天
tomorrow 明天

weekday 平日
weekend 周末

morning 上午
noon 中午
evening 晚上

breakfast 早餐
lunch 午餐
dinner 晚餐

One Week: 一星期
Monday 星期一
Tuesday 星期二
Wednesday 星期三
Thursday 星期四
Friday 星期五
Saturday 星期六
Sunday 星期日

month: 月份
January: 一月
February: 二月
March: 三月
April: 四月
May: 五月
June: 六月
July: 七月
August: 八月
September: 九月
October: 十月
November: 十一月
December: 十二月

Four Seasons: 季節
spring 春天
summer 夏天
fall, autumn 秋天
winter 冬天

Direction: 方位
north 北
south 南
east 东
west 西
center 中
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