Very Happy Smile Sad Surprised Shocked Confused Cool Laughing
Mad Razz Embarassed Crying or Very sad evil Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes Wink
Exclamation Question Idea Arrow Neutral Mr. Green Alien Bomb
Drunken batman blackeye cheers clown dwarf farao flower
geek joker king pirate queen rambo rendeer salute
scratch santa shaking silent smurf spiderman study sunny
thumbleft thumbright viking angel argue cussing let it all out Applause
d'oh! Drool Liar Shame on you Pray Anxious Not talking Think
Brick wall Whistle Angel Speak to the hand Sick Boo hoo! Shhh Eh?
Dancing Silenced love Sleepy Musical Crying Computer Singing
Applause Waving Giving a kiss In Love Hunter Shooting What to do! Birthday

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