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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:07 am    Post subject: 19 July 2007 Tony promoted CoP in Japan



Tony finally managed to squeeze some time from his busy shooting schedule and head to Tokyo to promote Confession of Pain. He appeared in 3 screenings to say hello to Japanese fans.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 12:39 am    Post subject:

Thanks to Eri for sharing her moments with us.


I think other fans also write about this but I just want to write things which I was impressed the most.

Before that, I would like to write about Tony's schedule in Japan briefly.

Tony arrived Tokyo on 18th July in the afternoon from Beijing, then eat SUSHI in the evening. (I think this was very important for him. he he he)

On 19th he attended CoP promotion at 2 different cinemas in Yokohama (once) and Tokyo (twice).

Interviewed 3 times in a day, each time Tony's reply was very interesting even for the same questions.
I might mixed up which interview it was, because I didn't take any record and purely by my memory but these were basically what Tony said.
(All interviews were in Cantonese with Japanese interpretation)

I first went to Yokohama to see 14:00 showing of CoP and Tony's interview started at around 15:30.

In Yokohama,

Tony was asked about his video message to Mr. T. Kaneshiro and Mr. A. Lau at the Premiere show on 4th July in which Tony said "Eat SUSHI and drink SAKE enjoy staying in Japan", then Tony said " That was the voice from my heart " (That's what he wanted to do himself).

MC : " Now you are in Japan, so ?"
Tony : "Yes I had SUSHI for dinner last night".

MC : " How about drinking SAKE ?"
Tony : "Because the film I am shooting is very hard ( physically ), in very hot climate and riding horse in heavy clothes, also a lot of fighting scenes so I stopped drinking." ( so Tony is not drinking alcohol at all now )

MC : "You look such a good person, was there any difficulty in acting a role of a bad person ?"
Tony : "Yes, so I examined what kind of child my character was. He had very shocking experience when he was a little, so this affect him mentally, for example, he might had some problem behavior like abusing little animals, then I built up the character's image, what kind of man he is going to be ?."
( I understood that Tony builds up the character before start acting. That's why he needs more time to prepare, I think.)

In Tokyo

When asked about SUSHI again.

MC : "Oishikatta desuka?" (Was it delicious ?)
Tony : "Oishi" in Japanese (It was delicious.)

for the question about acting Hei's role in CoP again, Tony replied

"I am not a violent person, and it was very difficult to take the scene in which I had to strike his head to death. I am so afraid I might hit the actor by mistake and hurt him, so I asked A. Lau to do it. So to tell the truth, the most violent scene was NOT done by my hand, it was A. Lau's."(Everyone laughed)

*But I think in the actual film you don't see the hand, and it was only guessed by splashing blood on the wall.

Also Tony said

"I am not a violent person, and I am not going to take revenge, because I think if you can forgive the other person, you can also forgive you and you can feel safe and life become simpler. This is also what you can learn from this film."

Another question was

"This film started at Christmas of 2003 in Hong Kong, what is Hong Kong to you ?"

Tony answered "To me Hong Kong is before 1997. Things like the Star Ferry port, old Kawloon Station, Seafood restaurants in outer city, or old Cafe restaurants(Cha Chan Ten).
These were already demolished and disappeared. These things are not exist now, they are only remained in my heart. When I talk about these, I feel a little sad, just like talking about lost old friend."

Tony also joked when asked about Takeshi said earlier "I couldn't see Tony's eyes."

Tony said "He might heard the rumors about my eyes which can electrocute, murder or seduce, but it is not true."
Then Tony asked audience "Are you guys afraid of me ? I am not like that at all"
MC : "However your eyes are seducing. Don't you agree ? ( to the audience )"

These were the words I remember very well. I will write again if I remember more.
No photos allowed at the cinemas except for the press, so no personal photos, I am afraid.

By the way, I wanted to see all 3 interviews, so I saw CoP and interview in Yokohama first, then rush to the nearest train station, got on the train and run to the cinema in Tokyo. Of course the CoP in Tokyo was already started, and I could watch later half of CoP and Tony's 1st interview then after short break, 2nd interview, finally I watched later showing of CoP from the beginning again. ( By the time the film's finished, some of us got very hungry. )

It was very busy day, but I enjoyed Tony's talk and the film very much so I would like to share at least some part of these with people here.

Tony left Japan late afternoon on 20th to Beijing.

"Tony, Thanks for coming to Japan in a very hard schedule."
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 12:43 am    Post subject:

Thanks to Nancix for sharing her moments with us.

Writton by nancix
English translation by KiKi&nancix

The Big typhoon brought TONY Leung to Japan! (Or TONY brought the typhoon?)

Whatever the case it is, TONY finally came to Japan shortly after typhoon and earthquake had gone.

It was another stormy week for fans in Japan.

On 17th July, the Japanese press and the news website revealed "TONY Leung will come to Tokyo to make stage appearance on 19th July for his latest film "Confession of Pain promotion."

It was the sudden unexpected news for all of us.  
A friend of mine rushed to the movie theater immediately to buy the tickets.
The first thing I did was to let my friends, as many as possible, know the news by e-mail and i-mode(Japanese mobilephone's SMS). At lunchtime, I ran into the Internet Cafe and updated my blog to post the TONY's Japan visit.

He was planned to appear on stage at two movie theaters, one of which is located at the center of Tokyo, the tickets were gone quickly.
The other one is a largemovie theater complex located in the suburbs, having a capacity of 400.
There are a lot of TONY fans in Japan but most of them have a full time job.
Although they are desperate to see TONY Leung, it is difficult for them to take a day off at such a short notice.

I was worried whether the 400 seats would be filled by the day.
It was my wish to welcome TONY in the packed venue with big applause.
I also contacted Hong Kong movie fans, scrambling day and night for making the house full.

I went to Tokyo on 18th, the day before of the event. TONY also arrived from Beijing same day.

In the morning of 19th, I heard that the big movie theater in YOKOHAMA was soldout. Oh! Good news. He will come to the movie theater packed with fans who can't wait to see TONY Leung!

He made three screenings; one was in YOKOHAMA and two in TOKYO.

The first appearance was in YOKOHAMA.
Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the movie theater in YOKOHAMA but some of my friends did.
According to them, he looked a bit nervous but talked a lot.
The stage was marked with a white tape, he tread firmly on the position to make sure where he stood.

I was waiting for TONY in the other movie theater in HIBIYA.

When I heard his first word "Hello". I was almost in tears.
In this forum, TONY posted a message" I would like to say hello to all my Japanese fans & I really want to meet them in Tokyo." He carried out his promise to Japanese fans.

He was in very short hair and tanned skin looked so slim, particularly his jaw area was sharper than before.
He wore a shiny silver gray suits and purplish silk shirt with the black belt but the trousers looked rather bigger than his size.

 this is not my photo...sorry Wink

After the greeting, he spoke in Cantonese.
The MC, a lady in her thirties, asked him to give a simple message to the fans who came all the way to see him.
TONY said "大家好!(Hello everyone), I'm so happy to see you all"

She said "It is really simple, isn't it?"
Then TONY continued, "In the future, I would like to have more opportunities like this, I want to have direct communication with my fans."

TONY and MC carried on talking as follows;
MC: "You surprised Japanese fans by playing a villain for the first time. How did you think about playing the villain?"

TONY:" I have never played this kind of role before.
I have been challenging new things and it was a new and different experience for me.
I assume the audience finds it new and different as well."

MC: "But you are smiling now, your image is definitely not a murderer.
Did you have a hard time to get into the character?"

TONY: "I am not a violent guy, it was really hard for me to play a violent scene,
I was afraid of hurting the opposite. Actually, I didn't hit the guy with the Buddha statue.I asked the director to hit instead of me, so it was his hand on the scene. Now, I must confess the hand in the most violent scene of the film is not mine.
It was the director Andrew Law's hand".

TONY laughed.We laughed,too.
Yes,We knows. TONY is an owner in the tenderly heart. After shooting, He gently raised a senior actor Mr.岳華Ngok Wah in his arms. I was impressed to find this scene from "CoP"'s Hongkong Ver.DVD.

MC: "One of the main themes of the film is the pain of the character.
Lau was trying to heal his pain by revenging.
Do you have any painful experience in your life?"

I was concerned.
TONY has been living for 45 years.
We know he has sad or painful experience in his life, but it must be a tip of ice berg. Is it fair to ask him to talk about the pain in front of the audience?
If I were him, I wouldn't....

TONY responded,
"I am not a person who takes my revenge on someone. I always forgive others.
I forgive other people, that means I can forgive myself, which brings peace of mind in my life. "Forgiveness" is a theme of this film, we can think about forgiveness through this film."

MC: "Set in Hong Kong in 2003, the film also depicts the dark side of the town. Is Hong Kong a town with what meaning for you?"

I felt the question difficult. It is difficult to explain to others how I also feel hometown.

TONY paused for seconds with the microphone in his hand and mumbled "Mmmmmmmmm....."
What a cute gesture!

TONY : "This question makes me sad every time.Hong Kong is no longer the town it used to be. I was born and bred in Hong Kong, but good old Hong Kong no longer exists as Star ferry(天星小輪), old Kawloon station(九龍站), meny parks and old-fashion chinese-cafe(茶餐廳) have been replaced.My old Hong Kong is no longer there but stays in my mind forever."

MC: "Recently, we had a large earthquake in Japan. Many people lose their houses or go through a hard time. Would you give a message for people who are suffered by the earth quake?"

Obviously, TONY is not a diplomat.I wondered what he was going to say.

TONY: "Today, the science technology has been developed significantly.But human beings are so vulnerable when natural disasters hit.
I pray for survivors to regain their quiet life as soon as possible.
I hope they will stand up again for positive life, and forget such a bitter memory one day."

I'm a survivor of Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred 12 years ago.
I still cannot get rid of the fear completely.
To tell the truth, when I watched the recent earthquake on TV,I recalled the fear of the moment vividly and suffered insomnia again.
I was so thrilled and excited about the news of the TONY's Japan visit, then I have kept myself busy for a while, which swept away my fear and pain.
Thank you for warm message. TONY.

TONY started talking spontaneously.
"In "Confession of Pain" I played a role which I have hardly experienced in my acting career. This is the role I have been hoping to play. I am looking forward to showing you another new character I play quite soon."

Yes! We can't wait to see Mr. Yee of "Lust, Caution" Zhou Yu of "The Battle of Red cliff".

In the end, TONY said "Thank you so much. I will come back to Japan soon. See you again."  
That is all about the second screening.

After the second screenings, I could see the last screening as well.

He greeted the fans and said I am very happy to see you in Tokyo, then MC touched upon the video message shown at the Japan Premiere on 4th Japan.
That time,TONY said: "Takeshi Kanesiro、Andrew Lau、You guys every come,So work harder.I'm not every come,So work Harder, and play harder, and eat more SUSHI,SAKE, and last, Thank you very much for giving me a chance to work with you guys,you guys is GREAT!"

Now,TONY said "It was the voice of my mind" ,everyone laughed.
MC asked "TONY,You are in Japan now, aren't you?"
TONY answered: "Yes, I went out to eat SUSHI last night"
"Was it delicious?" she asked as if asking a small kid.
TONY replied in Japanese "OISHII" (Delicious!) and smiled.
The audience clapped the hands loudly.
Everyone knows he is working on "The Battle of Red cliff" under tough conditions.

Lucky enough, Tokyo was very cool for this time of the year during his stay.
Everyone hoped TONY could take a short break in Tokyo and go back to the shooting.

MC continued:"Takeshi Kaneshiro told us he had been too nervous to look TONY in the eye. Is it true? He didn't look you in the eye?"

TONY replied:"That's right, he won't look me in the eye when we shot a scene together. He was very nervous. I thought it was because we didn't know each other or he might have heard of a strange rumor about me".

Strange rumor? What? We puzzled.
He continued:"For instance, I can emit an electric beam from my eye. I can kill or allure someone by eyebeam.No, it is not true at all. I want to ask you all, what do you think? Are you afraid of me?"
NO! Everyone shook their heads.

MC Said: "But we all are allured by your beautiful eyes!"
TONY with a shy smile replied: "No I won't. I am not thinking to allure anybody....",

He continued: "Me and Takeshi have worked for a same film before. At that time, we didn't get close because both of us are so quite and didn't talk much. He might be nervous to act with me this time again. But he is an excellent actor. He got used to the shooting very soon and got close with me".

"Got close with you?" MC asked curiously.

"This time, I was fascinated by his eyebeam."
WOW! Everyone laughed. TONY added immediately"Of course I tell a joke"
That was a nice joke. We love it!

MC: "Chief Lau劉正煕 is the first villain for you.The director is Andrew Lau and Alan Mak who created "Infernal Affairs".Do you find it comfortable to work on a film with same director?"
TONY: "We are very close off screen. We talk a lot, like " I want to play this and that."
"I have an idea about my next film like this, etc."We are always so close. When we work on a film together, We understand each other without words."

MC: "This film is going to be a remake of Hollywood.
"The Departed" is a remake of "Infernal affairs" which won Academy Awards "Best Motion Picture of the Year". I imagine your Japanese fans feel chagrined a bit. What do you think about a remake of the film?

TONY: "It is difficult to compare the original and the remake, each of which has different cultural background in a different region or country.
The Departed made by Martin Scorsese has unique original style and depicts each character elaborately. Infernal Affairs, the HK version, is very stylish and sensuous."

MC: "Do you think we should pay attention to sensual parts of this film(CoP) too?"
TONY: "I guess so. I think you will find it new and different because I played as a villain which I have never been before. I hope you like my challenge. But this is only a new start for me, I want to develop my career and grow more as an actor."

I was impressed by his word. At the age of 45, he is sill trying to grow as an actor. In other words, we will encounter new aspects in his acting.
TONY, we are looking forward to seeing your new acting!

MC: "Lastly, can you give a message to the audience here today.
TONY:" I want to come back to Japan to see you all fact to face.I will be back with new film and different role. See you again in Japan".

The audience gave affectionate applause.
Some women stood up and tried to follow him.
TONY was pointing the screen with his finger implying "Watch my film,Watch,Please!" without speaking.

In Japan, it is a norm to hold a premiere show in the stadium or big convention center, with a lot of people invited.
In such a situation, a director and actors are not allowed to speak as much as they want to. This time, we could see TONY in two cozy theaters, with a capacity of 400 and 150 respectively. We enjoyed listening to a lot of his real voice.

I suppose he has more matured and appealing than he held a screening of "In the mood of Love花様年華" in Osaka seven years ago. Also, I was pleased to know his thoughts for his home town Hong Kong.
Personally, I had never been in Hong Kong before 1990.
All I can do now is to imagine the nostalgic retrospect Hong Kong through old Hongkong films or Photo book. I want to know more about old Hong Kong in his mind.
KOBE-city, my home town, was destroyed 12 years ago by the big earthquake. I miss my old KOBE although I love the town as it is today.
Today, he won't go out and walk in the town where paparazzis are waiting. It must be difficult for him to notice changes for better....

I wish this fabulous screenings could have been held in the weekend, not in the middle of week. They had to postpone it because of the big typhoon.
As a result, many fans are forced to give up seeing real Tony Leung chiu-wai.But a lot of fans were pleased at the fact Tony came to Japan as he promised.
Many of them are still going to movie theater to go through the pain and anger of Chief Lau劉正煕 as if savoring a glass of whisky.
I will go back to KOBE-CITY's local movie theater and think about "forgiveness" which is an assignment Tony has given us.

Next day afternoon, he left for Beijing with his assistant from Narita airport.

TONY, Thank you for coming Japan,really!!

You were The Wonderful ambassador movie and television of HongKong. Good as gold!
And thank info and Sandy. This forum for making I was able to deliver "Voice of my mind" to TONY.

At"Happy Together"'s long long shooting, Only I pray Tony's health at half a world away.That time,Christopher Doyle came to my hometown KOBE-CITY's movie festival. I want to make a snatch him,and shout "Return our TONY to Hong Kong!!!"....Of course I don't shout, I only sit down keep quiet in Doyle's talk-show's hall seat, I put a question to Doyle..."Can you tell me when you might expect to end filming?"..hehehehe...If this forum existed at that time, I was able to encourage him Razz  Now,we are HAPPY....!
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