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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 7:06 am    Post subject: 18 June 2006 Tony celebrated birthday with fans

Tony held birthday party on 18 June 2006 in Hong Kong. Around 100 fans coming from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and US joined the party. The party lasted for four hours. Around one-fifth of fans went home with gifts, including posters, skin care products and the latest Happy Together boxset.

The first highlight of the party was when Tony joined the drinking contest of fans. Representatives of fans competed to be the fastest drinker of champagne. While everybody expected Tony would be the ultimate winner, surprisingly a Korean fan beated Tony by fraction of second. Tony claimed he forgot to put down his glass after he finished the champagne, so...

The second highlight was when Tony had to judge which fan had the biggest eyes in the second game. Tony had to look into the fans' eyes in order to make the judgement. Tony was very serious, he walked in front of the fans representatives three times to choose the winner. In the end, a Japanese fan won. And all other representatives fainted!

The third highlight was when each table of fans presented their DIY birthday cake to Tony. As there were 8 tables, Tony received 8 cakes with different designs.

Tony would like to thank all fans who came all the way to attend his birthday party, and all fans who can't come this time. However, he was not sure if he would have time to organise a birthday party next year, as he would be busy working on one of the projects same time next year. In fact, he would start his new project in just a week's time, and he would need to work on his birthday. He expected he would have a busy life in the next two to three years, as there are several projects in the pipeline.

Fans who have participated in the party are encouraged to share your stories with other fans here.

More photos are available at:

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 7:22 pm    Post subject:

Thanks Kiki for sharing her story with us


I am still on cloud and keep thinking back what happened last weekend.
It was my first meeting with Tony Leung. He was much more charming, mature and shy (Everyone knows he is the birthday boy. Why he bothered to walk along the wall when he made his first apperance?) than I thought.

When he sat around our table, everyone went silent. Probably, we all were so nervous , stunned or simply choked up. I wondered who would break the ice. The girls sitting next to him started conversation. It was in Cantonese. Unfortunately, I couldn't catch up with the conversation. (Later I learnt they had talked about the world cup and food). As the rest of us didn't join the conversation, one of them asked us if we were OK. I said in Japanese I cannot understand Cantonese!?It must have sounded pathetic, Tony mimicked my words in Japanese. As I found it in "Tokyo Raiders", his Japanese sounds so sweet. It is a little bit clumsy but clear enough to understand. Then I started talking to him in English, asking him about his private visit to Japan and new film. Then, somebody else started talking. After on and off conversation, time was up. I really regretted that I couldn't make the most of this opportunity. After he
moved to another table, I kept thinking I should have asked this, I could have said that.

He continued visiting every table, In a meantime, there were game sessions and a song and dance show by Korean fans.

During the party, I couldn't take my eyes off from Tony. I observed the way he talks, drinks, rubs his eyes (like a baby), stretches his shoulder (he said he had aching shoulder). At the age of 44, I know he is mature and sensible, but please allow me to call him cute! I can watch it for hours, every single movement made me smile. The party lasted approx. four hours. At the end of it, Tony looked a bit tired (No wonder there was no break for Tony). He said good bye and disappeared into the partition.

Anyway, more of the story, after the party, I went to the bathroom before catching the bus. Just outside of the banquet room, I bumped into Tony accompanied by the volunteer staffs. It took me few seconds to realize that it was him. I was in panic and so stunned that I couldn't think of what to do or what to say. He looked surprised (or scared? I hope not), then smiled modestly. "Thank you, we really enjoyed" that was all I could say. He said good then, walked away. Again, I couldn't make the most of a rare chance. But it was a pleasant surprise.

I really thank Tony for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity. He made one of my dreams come true. I also want to express my gratitude to Info and other volunteer staffs who must have worked so hard for this occasion. Without their efforts and contributions, we could not have had such a fabulous evening!
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 11:30 pm    Post subject:

Thank you purple for sharing her story with us.

Tony Birthday Party 2006

Yes, I know it's crazy. I still can't believe that I did it...Flew all the way to HK just for his party. I visited HK in Aug 2005. There is nothing much in HK that rendered a second visit in such a short time and it's expensive to get there. I also have to skip two of my old schoolmates' wedding dinner on Sat 17th. But I know I had to do it and I have to do it this year. If I don't, I will regret it for the rest of my life. People outside HK like myself will probably meet Tony face-to-face only once in our lifetime. Who knows what will happen next year. Anyway, the party turned out great and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

We gathered at the agreed meeting place before 5.30pm. There were fans from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, HK, Singapore, Thailand, US and Malaysia. There were only 3 Malaysians ?Looney Tune who had attended the party last year, my friend whom I have dragged along and I. Almost all of the ladies there dressed up very nicely. My friend and I looked like rundown persons because we have walked to so many places the whole day and sweated a lot. We didn't have a chance to go to the hotel to freshen up.

We were led to a specially hired bus which then took us to the actual venue of the birthday party - a private club, for members only. No press was allowed. Therefore, we were given special name tags to move in and out of the party ballroom. A personnel of the club stood guard in front of the ballroom door. Felt like we were in some secret meeting with the President.

The ballroom was big with a stage in front. He walked in at around 7. We were told to make loud noises to welcome him. He went straight to the stage and gestured that he was scared of the loud welcome he was getting. He said that he wasn't sure whether this was his birthday party or a gathering for his fans. He looked so good in person...

First Special Moment: On stage

Each country was to select a representative to go up the stage and say birthday wishes to him. I was chosen to represent Malaysia as Looney Tune has done it last year and my friend willingly gave up her chance to me since she knows I am his big fan. I was nervous and was trying my best to think of what to say to him. Shall I say it in Cantonese, his native language or in English which I can be more expressive in? The next thing I know, it was my turn. There I was standing in front of him, holding the microphone, said it in Cantonese, "I never been on stage for a long time, so I am also nervous. I represent Malaysia. There are only 3 Malaysians here tonight. We would like to wish you Happy Birthday and Good Health". Half way through that, I begin to have problem looking into his eyes. I couldn't concentrate on what I was saying. I had to look away for a while at the wall behind him. He kind of sensed my nervousness and ended my misery with a quick handshake. His hand was so soft. Hehehe.

The party started with a champagne toast for him. The arrangement was for him to sit with each table for about 25 minutes (there were 8 in total). He started with Table 1 while the rest of tables headed to the buffet spread. I didn't budge from my seat as I was still processing what had just happened on stage. My friend wisely advised me to eat before he came over to our table. I sat at Table 4. The buffet spread was fantastic. There was a special corner of Japanese food. I can't remember what I ate. I was still processing what had just happened on stage. Did Tony just walk in and in the same room as I am? Did I just talk to Tony face-to-face? Wow?o:p>

Around 30 to 40 minutes later, we played our first game - champagne drinking competition. Each table sent a representative to gulp down a glass of champagne. The fastest three then competed in the second round with Tony. Tony finished his cup in no time but he gave way to one of his fan.

Second Special Moment: 2 seconds of magic

After that, he sat at Table 3 which was in front of me. I positioned my body to face him and stared at him. I can do this because his back was facing me. Suddenly he got up, turned around and caught me staring at him. Our eyes locked for about 2 seconds, I think. I smiled at him and he smiled back. This was definitely better than the moments on stage because this time, I didn't have to multi-task - think of what to say, talk and look at him at the same time. This time I was just sitting down, relaxed and staring at him. To me, those 2 seconds were like moments where there seemed to be no one else in the ballroom and our world connected. I love it when he smiles. Must be tiring for him to smile all night...

Third Special Moment: At our table

Finally, he came to our table. He was sitting 3 seats to my right. He looked so tired and uncomfortable having 11 pairs of eyes staring at him. My table consists of 3 Thais, 3 Singaporeans, 3 Malaysians and 2 US. So much of the conversation was spoken in English with some in Cantonese. When he switched to English, he sounded like a different person. Hehehe. As I expected, I was speechless. Couldn't think of what to ask or say. It is like I know so much about him through the news. Those that I can't get through the news are too sensitive or private to ask. I kept thinking to myself, ask him something. Anything.?I remember asking him 3 questions:
Question 1: "Have you eaten? You looked tired". He didn't really answer.
Question 2: "What will you do for your birthday this year?" He said he will be working - shooting his new movie which will be directed by Andrew Lau.
Question 3: "What is your most unforgettable birthday?" He shrugged and no reply. After this point, I just kept quiet and listen to what others say.

Although I tried hard to record in my memory, I can't remember exactly what were being asked at our table or in which sequence the questions were asked. But here were some of his replies in random order:
He has four movies lined up: Andrew Lau's movie which starts shooting on 26 June, one movie he can't disclose yet, John Woo's movie and Wong Kar Wai's movie.
Andrew Lau's movie will be shot in HK.
He won't visit Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore or US anytime soon.
He found the video recordings of some skiing he did that he wants to show us but couldn't find the cable.
He learned skiing himself, without the help of an instructor.
He doesn't know which part of China can/cannot view his Green Tea Ad.
He doesn't have a preference on which commercials to do.
He didn't receive the "chu yoke gon" (barbequed pork) left by a fan at Jettone office.

The only time Tony lightened up was when he talked about "laksa" (a Malaysian dish consists of mee in a spicy soup). He said someone will always buy laksa for him to eat, packed in the usual style - a plastic bag with the end tied with a string. He said he can always get it hot. We wondered among ourselves how that person can carry it from Malaysia/Singapore and still have it hot upon arrival in HK. Must have cooked it herself in HK. Is he hinting that he wants us to buy him laksa? Funny when I also think of laksa as one of those Malaysian food I would miss if I ever work in HK and would ask my aunt to bring it to me whenever she visits.

It must be intimidating for him to have several girls shooting questions at him as though it was an interrogation session. Sorry, Tony. But it was really awkward having long silent gaps when we did not ask questions. He then got up for a photo session of our table. I took two with him. He stood on my left. I wanted to wrap my arm around his waist but I don't dare. He was nice enough to tilt his head towards mine. Awwww...

There was a dance performance done by a group of his Korean fans. Later, we played our second game: The MC (Info) called out: "the tallest" (heels), "the smallest" (finger), "the biggest" (eyes) and each table sent a rep. The MC only revealed which body part she was referring to after the reps were on stage. For "the biggest", each rep was asked which part of them they think was the biggest that got them up on the stage. The MC then revealed that it was the biggest eyes that she was referring to. Tony was invited on stage to be the judge. He was so cute. He went to look at each person as though he was identifying his attacker at a police lineup.

The last event was a cake decoration session where each table was given a heart shape cake, fruits and other decorations. Each table presented their cake to him on stage. For Table 4, we lighted up candles on the cake and asked him to make a wish before blowing out the candles.

We had a group photo where he stabbed at one of the cakes. Then, he disappeared using the side door without saying goodbye. That was when we knew the party has ended. We started to say our goodbyes to each other and took photos. We accepted the fact that the party would end and there would be no goodbye from him. No complaints. I think he has done a lot already for his fans, giving us this party. The bus was quiet when we were traveling to get to the club but on the way home, it was bustling with each fan's account of their moments with Tony. Tony's thank you card said he hopes we would have an enchanting evening. What an enchanting evening it has been!

A heartfelt thank you to Tony for granting us this wonderful opportunity to meet you in person and talking to us at each table. Thank you Info for coordinating this party and holding it all together. Thank you Tony two assistants for squeezing in our stuff for him to autograph. Thank you other individuals whom I do not know by name that may have contributed in making my dream of meeting Tony come true.
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