About Radio

Radio has been around for many years.  There are many ways to listen to the radio.  First you have to get the right equipments.

Following is a sample of the popular type available at your local stores.  Depending on where you live, some are easier to find than others.

This is a typical radio you might find in the store, runs on charger & battery power.

If you are the outdoor type, you should get these type of radios (sturdy gear for all weathers). 

Some radios come with self-generating power (electrical generator).  This is a Portable Hand-Power Generator Radio Receiver with Lamp.

If you live in remote area, where radio frequency is difficult to receive at times, you should consider getting radio such as this.

For Hello Kitty fans, this is a must.  A boombox with CD player and a radio receiver.

Here is a home stereo system, with surround sound.  Work the best if you got a big room!

An all inclusive deal (very reasonably price too), which includes: a stereo boombox, with cassette player, cd player, radio receiver, and stereo sound system.

When the sound gets too noisy, consider a headphone set.  Your neighbor wouldn't mind that.

Here is another headphone set.  Some fits tighter than others. 

If you have computer, tablets, ipod, or ipad at home, you can try these mini-headphone sets.

Anyone working with multimedia computing, should consider investing into computer stereo speaker system.  These run at a very reasonable price. 

Over the years, I happen to get a few of these things (some from used-shop, thrifty stores; some are brand-new).  

A word of caution: don't invest too much at once. 

If you have time, shop around, try craigslist or Saturday/Sunday garage sales.  Good deals are always available.

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