Getting around in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport Website 香港國際機場

Car parks : +852 2183 4360
Hong Kong International Airport : +852 2181 8888

Hong Kong International Airport is well served by public bus routes, taking passengers to and from most parts of Hong Kong. Comfortable and relatively inexpensive, they offer a convenient transport option.

Hong Kong Metro Website 香港地鐵

Hong Kong Bus System 香港公共交通

香港电车 Hong Kong Tramways Map
Tramway Map
Eastbound Tramways
Westbound Tramways
Hong Kong Tramways in Photo

Hong Kong Bus System 香港公共交通 - 驾驶执照


Culinary Delights

Hong Kong Dim Sums - Hello Kitty Buns

Hong Kong Dim Sums - Variety

Hong Kong Dim Sums - Steamed Buns

Hong Kong Street Foods - Seafood, Sausages on a Stick

Hong Kong Street Foods - Curry Fish Balls

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