The Couch Potato Story Continues (Part 3) ...

I am sure everyone wants free TV.  I had cable for years and now I am switching to free TV.  This means digitized-antenna TV!

If you have one of those old TVs (analog TV), you need to get a digital converter box before switching to the antenna TV.

If you are already in the digi-land (flat-panel TV), the TV is receptive to digital signal.

I happen to have both (analog TV and flat-panel TV), years of TV junkie here.


I find the reception for antenna TV (or so called free TV) is not too bad, except it's not stable. 

Some days, a few channels will appear, then some days, they will disappear for good.  Some days, a few more channels will appear when I re-run the auto-program.

It seems whatever that's trending will have a better broadcasting range than what's not trending.

I thought of getting a new antenna (still in the mode of investigating whether it's worthwhile to buy the new hyped gear).

There is lots of options on the market, here is the run-down of the Indoor-Outdoor Antennas (a few samples here).

Outdoor Antenna:

Indoor Antenna:

This is the one I currently using.  Simple design and efficient (not the AntSig brand). 

What I have is a generic one I got from Fry's Electronics.

I also bought this one, not too long ago.  It's not as good of a range as I initially thought (not the RCA brand).

Maybe I need to position it (according to the best reception angle???)

More Ramblings...

Television Broadcasting is a mystery all by itself.

Many older TV stations are situated at their original site (television has been around for decades).

I speculate they are "surrounded by many newer and taller buildings."  Now, how can you broadcast from a place where you are over-shadowed by other inhabitants.

A few manage to move their equipments up-to-the-hills to service the greater needs of the audiences.  But the broadcasting companies are still where they used to be (at the lowest point of the geographical level).

It's no small wonder it's getting more and more difficult to receive free TV. 

Some have tried to move people away from the broadcasting site (to the flatter area).  That got even worse (how you suppose to reach to people 20 or 30 miles away?).

Every mile costs money (new infrastructure for electricity, wires, antennas, etc).   I am a TV outsider, but this all seems rather insane. 

With many people wanting to get free TV, the new spin is to divide up the TVs into mobile Apps (smaller screen, more interactive).  I happened to have one of those tablets, and thought to myself (now everything just shrink in size and went up in price, huh?)

Well, it's how it is.

Good luck with you all trying to get Free TV!

Check out these TV Boxes (live streaming internet & wifi TV, storage devices that also connects to laptops & phones).

Need more help with Antenna TV?

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