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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2003 6:10 am    Post subject: Under the Covers of Infernal Affairs (Lycosasia,09 Dec 2002)

By Joanne Soh

Anyone whoís been to the movies lately would have noticed the slick billboard for this movie. Flanked by two of Asiaís most recognisable faces, Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Infernal Affairs spells blockbuster all over.

The story spins an intricate tale of two men whose lives are as complicated as they can get. One is a mole (Lau) in the police department, planted by the Hong Kong triads ever since he was a mere teenager. The other is an undercover cop (Leung) who was initiated into the triads as a teenage underling.

While Lau rose up the ranks in the police force, Leung was incarcerated twice and sentenced to compulsory psychological counselling. Growing frustrated over their double lives, they each try to find a way out, and live a life they so desperately seek.

Part of the famed ďFive TigersĒ in the early 80s, Lau and Leung, once again, share screen time in Infernal Affairs, 10 years after their successful collaboration in the television series The Duke of Mount Deer.

These two extremely photogenic and gorgeous leads were in town yesterday, and they shed some brief insights into this upcoming Hong Kong hit, which also stars heavyweights Eric Tseng and Anthony Wong. Infernal Affairs opens nationwide on 12 December.

Question: Both of you have not been working together since a decade ago. How does it feel to work together again? Were there any pressures at all?

Tony:Thereís absolutely no pressure. It was very fun to work with old friends.

Andy: Yes, no pressure at all. It was very comfortable as itís like a family reunion. Itís been 10 years since we last made a movie together. Over the years, each of us has done so many different kinds of film, and itís great that we can finally do something together. And in this current economic situation, itís also a wonderful opportunity that someone would invest so much into this movie to hire all the big stars. Weíre certainly not cheap!Ē (laughs)

T: We havenít worked together in 10 years. Everyone is now in a different stage in life and weíve all changed. But after these years, Andy still maintains the energy and zest in his work. The only difference is that weíre all grown up and much more matured.

A: All of us have our different status in the industry. For me, Iím still learning from Eric Tseng and Anthony Wong. Theyíre such great actors. As for Tony, thereís not much to say. He is so well established in his craft, yet he still maintained a humble attitude towards work. I really admire that.

Q: Thereíre a few ďnewbiesĒ in this movie where they play your characters in the younger days. What do you think of these new bloods?

A & T: We didnít have the chance to see them act as our scenes were filmed at different times.

T: But one thingís for sure, Iím not so good-looking when I was young!

A: I find that Edison Chen, who plays the younger me, is really cool and much more trendy than I was at that age!

Q: How does it feel to be acting side by side with another lead actor? Are you worried of comparisons?

T: To me, acting is very personal. A successful movie is the result of the combination efforts of every actors and actresses in the film. I just give my best in my area.

A: If everyone start comparing, then the movie is not as good as itís meant to be. Itís up to the actors to make it a good film. And for this movie, director Alan Mack told me that if I do well, the other actors would be motivated to do well too! (laughs)

Q: This is the first time both of you did a duet for the movie. Any interesting stories to share during the recording?

T: I had mixed feelings due to the fact that we havenít worked together for so long. We may have sang a few times together on some special shows for television, but recording a song is totally different. To sing this song was certainly a memorable experience for me. It was also a fun time.

Q: Andy, your career is more skewed towards music these past years. Recording the song should be a cinch, right?

I thought so too, initially. But when I heard him sing in the studio, I told Tony to continue singing, as he sounded so good! I thought to myself that I better go practice first! This opportunity to sing together doesnít come often. Who knows when weíre going to work together again? So this is definitely an unforgettable event for me.

Q: Tony, we heard that youíre coming out with a solo album. Can you tell us more about it?

Iíve always wanted to produce an album for the past few years, but things crop up and it has to be pushed back. Itís finally done, and it contains 11 songs.

Q: The cost of this movie is rather high. Do you have high expectations for it to do well in the box office?

A: Iím not the boss, so Iíve no pressure for it to perform! (laughs)

T: You look at my recent movies and judge for yourselves if itíll do well! (laughs) Personally, I donít really care, as box office takings are not in my control. All Iím interested is that I did my part well as thatís the only thing I can control.


Infernal Affairs stars Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Eric Tseng, Anthony Wong, Sammi Cheng and Kelly Chen, and opens nationwide on 12 December 2002.
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