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為新片驕傲 不在意票房







Ang Lee Looks Forward to Tony Leung's Yip Man

Ang Lee's 'Taking Woodstock' screened in Hong Kong for the first time the day before yesterday. Attendees at the premiere included Tony Leung, who had earlier broken his left arm practicing Wing Chun while preparing to film Wong Kar Wai's 'The Grand Master'. As for his thoughts on the disappointing box office results for his film, Ang Lee says he doesn't have an answer for it and doesn't find it necessary to look for one either. Instead, he greatly praised Tony as an actor and looks forward to his portrayal of Yip Man.

Ang Lee's 'Taking Woodstock' screened the night before yesterday at The Grand Cinema. Karena Lam, Jacqueline Chong, Chrissie Chow and Chin Ka Lok attended the screening. As well, Tony Leung, who had collaborated with Ang Lee in 'Lust, Caution' also came to the screening. When Ang Lee saw Tony, he immediately approached him and gave him a hug. The two conversed with each other quite animately. Were they talking about plans for another collaboration? Tony laughs saying he doesn't know the chances of working with him in the future, as Ang Lee has been concentrating on Western (Hollywood) films. Tony admits that he came to the screening to support Ang Lee. He says: "I met Ang Lee back during the Cannes Festival. The movie played at there, but I had other committments that day so I couldn't attend. Tonight will hopefully make up for it."

Proud of New Film, Not Worrying About the Box Office Results

As for failing to achieve ideal ratings at the box office? Tony says: "It's hard to say. For me, making a movie is all about enjoying the process. The most important thing is being happy and excited about the movie itself. The box office results and the audiences' reception is hard to predict. If it does well at the box office and the audience enjoys it, then that's really a bonus." Ang Lee says he doesn't feel the need to inquire as to why the movie failed at the box office. He says that: "I personally think the film is very good and I'm proud of this film. I don't know if it lack the spark to captivate the audience. I hope my next movie will be better."

How about Tony acting in 'The Grand Master'? Ang Lee says Tony has the ability to play any role because he's the best actor out there. He believes Tony's Yip Man will be different from Donnie Yen's version. He says: "I'm looking forward to it, especially because Wong Kar Wai is directing the movie and Yuen Woo Ping is in charge of the martial arts choreography."

As for Tony who broke his left arm while preparing to film 'The Grand Master', he says that his injury has almost completely healed. What about the reports that Zhang Ziyi will be playing the role of his wife? Tony says he doesn't know as he hasn't received any news on that front. Is she suitable for the role of Yip Man's wife? Tony says: "It's not really about whether she's suitable or not. Different people in the role will produce different results."

No Plans in the Works to Collaborate with Zhang Ziyi Again

Ang Lee attended a lecture yesterday at a university campus. He was very humourous with his talk and earned a huge round of applause from the students. Later backstage he accepted an interview and revealed that the audiences' reaction at the first screening was quite good, better than in the States. Will he collaborate again with Zhang Ziyi? He says that right now there are no plans, but the two often keep in touch. When asked whether Ang Lee is aware of Zhang Ziyi's current relationship status and of whether or not her relationship with her boyfriend has changed? Ang Lee says that he has never asked her about her relationship. He laughs saying that every time his sees her out in public she is dressed very elegantly and has become quite sophisticated. It's very different than what he remembered when they met for the first time.

Source: Mingpao

(Thanks sparkles_n15 for translation)
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