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Ok, so i noticed that This part of the forum is entitled "Movie Reviews by the fans/fanfics" but there are lots of reviews and only one fanfic ( "a work in progress by mu99le and others) and it's really good.
Recently i wrote a fanfic based on the Hostage scene in the Second Part of Red Cliff. Enjoy!

The inside of the room was permeated with the smell of smoke and blood. I brushed aside curtains with my sword, stepping gingerly but quickly with every step. A tyrant like the treacherous Cao Cao would sure use the ‘kong cheng ji’, the empty fort strategy. Though the living quarters appeared to be empty, I was sure that the man was in this building, with Xiao Qiao. A spear skewers through a window and I duck it just in time, yanking the spear with one arm as I jabbed my sword into the shadow. The window collapses as the dead soldier falls inside, convulsing and splattering blood.
When I wipe a bleeding cut on my cheek, I see the swift movement of a cape. Someone whipped around the corner and I pursued. Deftly sidestepping, I sucessfully swung my sword, decaptitatiing someone behind me. I hurried forward carefully through the curtains which might conceal an enemy. Behind me , Cao Cao’s right hand man and cousin, Cao Hong attacks. I deflected his sword with a kick. As I turn around I come face to face with Cao Cao.

“Don’t move!” both of us commanded at the same time, swords at each others necks.

In one fleeting moment I regretted in separating ways with Zhao Yun. I hoped he would have luck in rescueing Xiao Qiao. I had come into battle believing that I would rescue her and assure victory. Now, that claim seemed the tiniest bit arrogant on my part. Cao Hong recovered from my attack; I felt a cold blade on my shoulder and against my neck.

Cao cao looked down at his chest, at the blade and chuckled.

“Zhou Yu. Zhou the viceroy,” he chuckled , with an air of formality.

“The traitor, Cao cao,” I smiled with false politeness.
Just as quickly, his demeanor changed.

“Silence,” he ordered. His eyes narrowed. “ You shall refer to me as the Prime minister. “

As he spoke, the man starting taking steps forward, forcing me to backtrack, and Cao Hong slowly backing behind me.

“I never guessed I would lose to a gust of wind. “

I interupted. “ Because you don’t understand what the will of heaven is. “

“I never dreamed that I would be defeated by a cup of tea,” Cao cao said ruefully, ignoring me as if I had not spoken.

He kicked over the stand, knocking over the tea pot and cups of tea. I glanced at it: steam still rising . Xiao Qiao must have just been here moments ago. She would be alive.

I managed a smile. “ For you, war is just a tea ceremony. Such a pity.” I shook my head. “You never knew what you were fighting for.”

“I fight by the order of the Emperor to punish and subdue rebels such as yourself,” the traitor said coldly.

Without warning, he thrusted the sword; I moved and winced. It was coinciently the same spot where I had taken an arrow for Zhao Yun several weeks before.

“We are not rebelling against the emperor,” I said stiffly. “We are rebelling against you.”

“Ke wu!,” he spat. He pressed harder on the sword, walking forward and forcing me back. Cao Hong led the way onto the balcony, both of their swords were still on me.
Entering the balcony, I could now hear the sounds or war. The clashing of swords, the sounds of men dying. I emerged as a hostage; Guan Yu, Liu Bei,Zhao Yu and Zhang Fei had arrived. As Sun Quan, the lord of the Eastern Wu, raised his bow and arrow, Cao Cao looked at him and laughed.

“Shu zi, boy,” he called, not unlike a father would to a son, or a grandfather to a grandson. “ This has been quite an enjoyable hunt. What do you want to hunt?”

Straining in concentration, Sun Quan said in a firm voice, “Tiger.”

Cao Cao stiffened. It was obvious that the tiger would be him. But now he had the advantage with even 5 fighters and genrals against him, all trained in combat.

“By the looks of you!” Cao Cao bellowed and laughed. “ You are a far cry from your father.”

I could see Sun Quan tightening his grip and pulled the white feathered arrow back farther.

Suddenly he stopped.

“Shoot,” he hissed at Sun Quan. “Shoot.” He moved his sword to my collar. Cao Hong pointed his at the nape of my neck.

It was silent. Only the sounds of the bellowing wind and raging fires were heard. I could read Cao cao’s mind as clearly as he could read mine. He would want me to kneel down in surrender. He would want everyone to kneel down and surrender. Only then would he release Xiao Qiao. Then, he would kill me. I would be one of, if not his most dangerous nemesis and enemy.

“I am the prime minister of the emperor,” Cao cao claimed. “Death would be too good for rebels like you. If you declare your allegiance to me, I can pardon you. “
Cao Hong dug his sword into my neck; I could feel blood trickle down my back.

As the fire raged, no one moved. I smiled despite myself. These were truly a group of ‘friends till death’.

Cao cao was furious. “Kneel Down. All of you. NOW!”

No one one said a word until Guan Yu spoke.
“Your time is over.” Guan Yu countered.

Cao cao could see that his words had no effect. He switched tactics.

“Put down your sword.” He ordered, lifting his blade to my chin, forcing my head up.

My heart lept, at elation and concern. Xiao Qiao was standing on the balcony. Safe. For now.

She was alive and well. Xia hou Jun held a sword at her neck. The generals on the land were aroused. They all moved closer to the building, murmuring in low voices, concern, and anger.

“Your highness,” screamed Xiahou. “Kill them! Kill the all!”

Ignoring the man’s screams, I spoke to Xiao Qiao. More blood trickled down the front of my neck.

“Xiao Qiao! Are you both “ping an” , safe?” I called, a reference to our child’s name, regardless or male or female.

“We are,” she called back.

I noticed one bloody hand was raised to the slight bulge on her stomach. My heart ached.

I nodded with some relief. But the monster in my heart flared as Cao Cao’s man bellowed her in the face, shaking a pregnant woman rather brutefully.

“We’ve lost,” he roared. “It’s all your Fault. ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!”

Cao cao continued his vent of anger. “Kneel down! All of you.”

Sun Quan’s brow furrowed in concentration. Then he slowly, he let the bow down. I knew it was only for fear of our lives. He was a competent as his brother and father before him. He was fit to be the Lord of the Eastern Wu’s.
Cao Cao laughed.

“You are a bunch of “wu he zhi zhong”, monkey troops. Incompetent!”

Cao Cao was wrong.

Unnoticed by almost everyone, Zhao Yun picked up a spear on the rack and silently catapulted himself over the side of the building and landed without a sound at the back of the balcony.

“Kneel down for me. I will spare Xiao Qiao,” bargained the tyrant.

“They are my friends,” I said firmly.

“Friends?” Cao Cao laughed. “War knows no friends.”

I felt the sword dig deeper into my chest.

“They shall become your enemies in the future,” he said.

“General Xia Hou,” commanded Cao Cao. “Push her down!”

I looked up in alarm and horror.

Xia Hou was triumphant with glee. “Die, woman!”

Just in time, Zhao Yun punched the man in the back of the head. Xiao Qiao fell off but he caught her by the wrist just in time. My heart thudded with relief; this was Zhao Yun’s payment for the arrow I had saved him from. I was filled with gratitude.

Xia Hou’s body crashed onto the balcony, dead. Distracted, Cao Cao stared dumbfounded at his general’s body. Taking this opportunity, Sun Quan raised his bow with speed and successfully shot the arrow; i ducked it, sliced Cao Hong’s chest from behind and the arrow successfully shot off Cao Cao’s headband, letting his hair fall in black and grey locks. The tyrant screamed in defeat and shock.
It was a horrible sound. More worse than the deaths of a thousand soldiers. But I had no time to stop or ponder.
Zhao Yun couldn’t hold on to Xiao Qiao’s weight with one hand due to his wounds; after all he was trying to hold on to 2 bodies.

“Du du!,” he shouted.
Hoisting Xiao Qiao up as much as he could, he swung her over the roof tops to the roof with cloth and canvas covering. Deflecting a sword, Zhang Fei threw a spear at my opponent and I dove through the paper windows of the building that Xiao Qiao was going to fall through . I had to make it in time.

Just as I made it inside, Xiao Qiao’s form came through the roof. I picked myself up from the ground, leapt through the air. In seconds my arms wrapped around her, cushioning them as we both fell crashing to the ground, with Xiao Qiao safely on top of me . My own body had taken all the impact but I couldn’t feel any pain.
Xiao Qiao was safely in my arms again. Alive.
My hand flew to her stomach, gently caressing it.

“Are you both alright?”

I watched for her reaction. With relief, I saw her face turn to me, as alive and as well as ever as tears fell down her face. I pressed my cheek to her forehead as she turned towards me crying in thanks, love, and gratitude.
We had won the battle and Xiao Qiao was safe. But was it really a victory? Xiao Qiao and I let ourselves onto the balcony. We found Cao Cao looking at us without emotion. The general’s looked at me for a decision.

I stepped in front of Xiao Qiao, my eyes on Cao Cao’s face.
“Go. Go back to where you came from. And never come back.”

The tyrant’s eyes were emotionless.

I put an arm around Xiao Qiao as I guide her away. I see Shangxiang, Sun Quan’s sister kneeling in the battlefield, next to a Cao soldier who she must’ve have ben aqquainted with during this espionage mission.

“ No one is a victor in this battle,” I said heavily, withough glancing back.


It was already night fall when we got back to camp. Soldiers went back to their barracks, cheering and yelling with celebration. Kong ming was waiting in the parlor for us, his wise smile welcoming us all home.

I stumbled off my horseback, feeling slightly dizzy, and tired. I sucked in a breath as I turned around, wrapping my arms around Xiao Qiao as I lifted her off the horse. The whole ride back seemed like endless days. She never once moved from her position; arms tight around my waist and head between my shoulder blades.

I think she felt my exhaustion and weariness, for her hand gently caressed my cheeks and stayed there. I forced a smile and proceeded to walk to our living quarters. I gave Sun Quan and Kong Ming a swift nod as I walked past them- they understood.

The military physicians and maids came pouring into the room as I set my wife on the bed. Her hand fell away from my face and latched on to my hand as servants tried to get me to leave the room. I nodded.

I would be back soon. Very soon.
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