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Tony and Carina shot wedding photos in Bhutan.

Tony Leung and Carina Lau gets married

Tony Leung and Carina Lau will get married today in Bhutan under the arrangements and assistance by the Royal Family of Bhutan. They broke the traditions and used the royal palace's sleeping room as a background of their wedding photographs. The prince and his wife of Bhutan have also helped the newly weds put on the traditional royal attires of Bhutan. The royal families' help is down to the very last detail. Tony Leung and Carina Lau sure have gotten alot of prestiges!

The Royal Family assisted their preparation of the wedding

After Tony and Carina have arrived to Bhutan,they hurried to shoot their wedding photographs. Not only did the royal family gave assistance in all ways,they even specially lent them their palace for the wedding photographs! The prince and his wife had even personally helped Tony and Carina to put on the royal attires. In one of the photographs,Carina Lau was wearing the royal attire and holding flowers in her hands. Auspicious Jade pieces were worn on her right hand. Tony wore the men's royal robe. It is said that the robe that Tony had wore was being worn by the prince when he got married, and Carina's attire was also worn by one of the consorts before. The royal family had thought that is is fate that Tony and Carina chose their place for the location of the wedding,so they provided unconditional assistance to them,to hope that they have a successful marriage and last forever.

Of all places, Why Bhutan?

Tony and Carina were very grateful to the treatments they received from the royal family. Carina had disclosed that she had already agreed with Tony since last year that their wedding will be the 21st of July.The decision to have their wedding in Bhutan was only decided 3 months ago. Carina said "We have thought of many locations to hold our marriage.France,Florence,Paris,Japan and SouthEast Asia have been thought of,but it seems that something is lacking,until we found Bhutan. The both of us thought that this is the ideal place to hold our marriage."

Carina also said that she first know about Bhutan about 10 years ago and never thought that she start her next part of life there. She was attracted by the city as it has no pollutions. Being a devoted Buddhist,she said that staying in Bhutan these past few days have made her realize that happiness does not come from a matter,or wealth. True happiness is the contended in the mind,hence,Carina decided to hold her wedding in this "Happy Kingdom" of Bhutan.

Wedding in 2 parts

The wedding today will be divided into 2 parts. The ceremony will be done in the afternoon while the dinner and party will be conducted in the night. The guests and family members have already gathered at the hotel yesterday night to have a "Farewell Singlehood" party for Tony and Carina. The Tony that frequently wore western suit have worn the traditional clothes of Bhutan yesterday. While Carina Lau had worn the a big and shiny diamond on her ears. When they appeared,they received applause from all the people. The theme of the farewell party is traditional Bhuan clothes and attires. To get into the theme,Carina have went to the market place in the city to search for suitable clothes to get engrossed and say farewell for her singlehood.

Where is Eric Tsang?

Eric Tsang could not appear the wedding as he was hosting the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and have a job later. Being unable to attend the wedding,he said "Its so bad!" It was Eric that introduced the Bhutan Prince to Carina,Eric said that the Price will arrange and organise the wedding in the highest honor and glory. "When i knew that Carina decided to get married in Bhutan,i immediately called the prince. Its a coincidence that the Prince was in Hong Kong,so i arrange him to meet with Carina and Tony." (What gifts have you prepared for the newly weds?) "I requested the prince to arrange,to have a surprise for the couples...hmm..maybe asking a thousand monks to pray for them!" The make up artiste , ZING,will be doing make up for Carina for the wedding. He disclosed that he would use the wetlook makeup for Carina. He said "The feeling of having a wet and shiny face in the morning,may not be beautiful. However it is the most important that she looked FRESH!"

Cecilia won't "tease" and play the bride

Cecilia Yip was present at the Farewell Singlehood party yesterday. The newly weds thanked the family and friends for take time to travel Bhutan for their wedding.

Cecilia Yip revealed that the wedding today will be divided to 2 sections. In the afternoon,there will be monks to host the wedding ceremonies of the couples and the dinner party will be taking place in the night. The hosts asked the guest to prepare 2 sets of clothes at night. The bride will be having 5 sets of clothes for the dinner party. Asked Cecilia if she would tease the bride,she laughs and said "I am an adult,so i don't? The guests are all mature,so the wedding should only have a warm and emotional scene."

*For guests and family members to tease the newly weds is a chinese tradition,during the wedding,the couples have to listen and obey the guests' request when they are being teased.

Security was tight

The wedding of Tony Leung and Carina have attracted many reporters and paparazzis to Bhutan. To get the very first pictures of their wedding,the reporters will use alot of tricks. The hotel that Carina and Tony is staying has got very tight securities. The reporters can't get good angles to shoot their pictures even when they made a turn and went to the high platform to shoot. They even found security guards guarding the area after they were quite a distance from the hotel.

Red Card!

The hotel that the guests stayed have also strict and tight securities. Even before the reporters got down their car,they were asked "Do you have a Pass? If you film again,you have to take out the film in the camera !" The management company had earlier gave each and every guest and family members a piece of "red card" to pass the security check. The managements have also used the "Stanley Team" which is a specialise artiste protection team to protect the privacy and safety of the artists. The police in Bhutan have also assisted all the safety and security operations.

From Mingpao :

Tony and Carina's wedding day,80 guests brought wine to celebrate

Today is the big day of Tony Leung and Carina Lau. The host's family and friends are already gathered in Bhutan. They have agreed on the newly wed's request and brought red wines,champagnes,whiskies and other good brews to Bhutan. They had also organised and celebrated the "Farewell Singlehood" party yesterday. Tonight,they will witness the newly wed's most unforgettable moments and have the greatest wedding party in the world for today.

80 guests

The 80 guests included family members and good friends. They include,Singer Faye Wong[王菲] and her husband Li Ya Peng[李亞鵬],Tong Tong (Faye Wong's daughter)[童童],Director Wong Kar Wai[王家衛] and his wife,Lin Qingxia[林青霞],Dik Long [狄龍]and his wife,Deborah Lee[狄波拉] (Nicholas Tse's mother),Louis Tan[陳國熹],Sheung Shan Si Na [上山詩納] and her daughters,Cecilia Yip[葉童],Hu Jun[胡軍],Yi Gam Fai[尹錦輝],Chang Chen[張震],Sun Yun Yun[孫芸芸],Stanley Kwan[關錦鵬] and much more. Other than giving alcoholic drink is a requirement,the newly weds also wants them to bring their true hearts to the party. What wishings do the guest want to convey to the newly weds? (Refer to the next paragraph)

Faye Wong,Stanley Kwan and Hu Jun

It is said that Faye Wong will be singing in the wedding party to dedicate her wishes to best friend Carina Lau. When being asked about that,she said "I will not say anything here,instead,i will send my wishes to Carina personally." Faye Wong also denied that she will be singing. Another guest, Stanley Kwan said "I am touched and happy at the same time,this day has been long waited." Stanley Kwan gave gold accessories to Carina as a wedding gift. Hu Jun gave words of advice,he said "Living together till old,its not easy" [白頭到老,好不容易].

Lin QingXia and Deborah Lee

Best friend,Lin QingXia have gave lots of consolation and encouragement to Carina Lau after her nude pictures were published in magazines. Lin QingXia seeing that Carina had finally found her happiness,she said "I wish them close and loving forever,have a son soon!" Deborah Lee said "Tony and Carina have good DNA,they should have a baby!"

Dik Long and Cecilia Yip

Dik Long and his wife Tao Min Ming described the couples as the best examples of Golden Boy and Jade Girls. After many obstacles and setbacks,they are finally married. They also sent their wishes hoping them to last forever and have many children. Cecilia Yip brought liquor which contained heavy amounts of alcohol to congratulate them. She said "They have their way of getting along with each other,which is giving each other freedom and time. I hope that they will get happier after their wedding!"

CREDIT: Translated By Edward @

Source : Mingpao,Oriental Daily,Wenweipo

不 丹 王 禮 遇   披 王 室 禮 服 留 影
不 丹 直 擊   偉 仔 嘉 玲 今 成 婚 喜 悅 感 恩

梁 朝 偉 和 劉 嘉 玲 今 日 在 佛 國 不 丹 舉 行 婚 禮 , 前 日 一 對 準 新 人 則 在 不 丹 王 宮 穿 上 當 地 的 傳 統 國 服 拍 攝 結 婚 照 。 準 新 郎 偉 仔 所 穿 的 禮 服 , 是 不 丹 王 叔 當 年 大 婚 時 所 穿 過 的 , 而 嘉 玲 所 穿 的 禮 服 , 更 是 王 妃 為 年 僅 兩 歲 的 女 兒 所 準 備 的 嫁 衣 , 他 們 結 婚 得 到 不 丹 王 室 熱 情 款 待 , 認 真 夠 面 子 。

劉 嘉 玲 和 梁 朝 偉 結 束 20 年 愛 情 長 跑 , 今 日 將 於 不 丹 時 間 上 午 11 時 開 始 ( 香 港 時 間 下 午 1 時 ) , 在 不 丹 的 Uma Paro 酒 店 舉 行 婚 禮 , 屆 時 約 100 名 嘉 賓 會 在 場 見 證 他 們 完 婚 , 新 郎 新 娘 會 從 酒 店 房 間 步 至 帳 篷 , 由 喇 嘛 擔 任 證 婚 人 , 整 個 儀 式 長 約 兩 小 時 。 昨 日 一 對 準 新 人 在 酒 店 內 忙 於 招 呼 陸 續 抵 達 的 賓 客 , 並 接 受 好 友 的 祝 賀 , 因 婚 禮 舉 行 在 即 , 二 人 的 心 情 均 有 些 緊 張 。

傳 統 國 服
王 宮 寢 室 拍 結 婚 相

偉 仔 與 嘉 玲 這 幾 天 都 在 不 丹 拍 攝 結 婚 照 , 雖 然 當 地 正 逢 雨 季 , 但 群 山 環 繞 的 不 丹 帶 濃 厚 的 宗 氣 息 , 加 上 零 污 染 的 自 然 環 境 和 純 樸 的 民 風 , 都 令 一 對 準 新 人 的 婚 照 更 顯 脫 俗 。 前 日 他 們 到 了 不 丹 王 宮 拍 攝 結 婚 照 , 由 於 偉 仔 和 嘉 玲 結 婚 是 當 地 的 盛 事 , 不 丹 王 室 破 例 提 供 王 宮 的 寢 室 讓 他 們 拍 攝 , 二 人 還 穿 上 不 丹 的 傳 統 國 服 , 並 獲 王 叔 夫 婦 親 自 為 他 們 整 裝 。 據 知 偉 仔 身 上 的 禮 服 正 是 王 叔 Dasho Tobgyal Dorji 當 年 結 婚 時 所 穿 的 禮 服 , 而 嘉 玲 的 禮 服 則 是 王 妃 為 他 們 年 僅 兩 歲 的 女 兒 準 備 的 嫁 衣 。

結 婚 相 中 的 嘉 玲 手 執 紅 黃 色 花 束 , 頭 戴 大 紅 鮮 花 , 打 扮 嬌 俏 嫵 媚 , 而 她 手 上 所 戴 的 龍 鳳 鐲 看 來 更 沉 甸 甸 , 一 臉 幸 福 微 笑 的 她 站 在 偉 仔 身 旁 , 偉 仔 則 笑 得 比 較 含 蓄 。

今 次 偉 仔 在 不 丹 舉 行 婚 禮 , 得 到 王 室 熱 情 款 待 , 主 要 是 因 為 王 室 覺 得 他 們 選 在 當 地 完 婚 , 證 明 不 丹 與 他 們 十 分 有 緣 , 故 希 望 可 以 給 予 這 對 新 人 最 多 的 祝 福 。 得 到 王 室 如 此 的 禮 遇 , 嘉 玲 與 偉 仔 均 十 分 感 恩 , 也 為 兩 人 的 婚 禮 帶 來 更 多 的 喜 悅 。

有 傳 偉 仔 的 結 婚 相 由 王 家 衛 操 刀 , 其 實 是 由 一 名 叫 Paul 的 攝 影 師 拍 攝 , 偉 仔 的 髮 型 由 Headquarters 的 George 負 責 , 化 妝 師 為 Candy , 嘉 玲 的 髮 型 師 為 Vic , 而 嘉 玲 的 婚 紗 選 用 了 著 名 設 計 師 Vera Wang 的 設 計 。

嘉 玲 透 露 早 於 去 年 已 與 偉 仔 擇 定 吉 日 , 選 在 今 天 結 婚 , 但 婚 禮 舉 行 地 點 不 丹 , 卻 是 直 到 今 年 4 月 才 選 定 , 之 前 他 們 曾 討 論 過 很 多 地 方 , 如 法 國 南 部 、 佛 羅 倫 斯 、 巴 黎 、 日 本 和 東 南 亞 等 地 , 但 始 終 不 太 合 心 意 , 直 到 發 現 不 丹 這 個 地 方 , 兩 人 終 於 心 領 神 會 , 當 下 決 定 這 是 現 階 段 最 理 想 的 婚 禮 地 點 , 也 是 兩 人 展 開 另 一 階 段 人 生 的 最 佳 起 點 。

快 樂 國 度
「 心 很 踏 實 很 平 和 」

信 佛 的 嘉 玲 大 約 10 年 前 已 知 道 不 丹 這 個 國 家 , 但 也 僅 止 於 一 般 的 了 解 , 從 沒 想 過 有 朝 一 日 會 在 當 地 舉 行 婚 禮 , 直 至 上 月 她 首 度 到 不 丹 旅 遊 , 感 受 到 這 個 不 食 人 間 煙 火 的 小 國 獨 特 之 處 後 , 才 認 定 不 丹 就 是 她 和 偉 仔 舉 行 婚 禮 的 不 二 選 擇 。 嘉 玲 說 : 「 我 一 到 這 就 感 覺 心 很 踏 實 、 很 平 和 , 我 看 到 這 的 人 快 樂 不 是 因 為 物 質 上 的 豐 富 , 而 是 精 神 層 面 的 滿 足 , 終 於 明 白 為 甚 麼 大 家 說 不 丹 是 快 樂 國 度 。 」

此 外 , 無 藝 員 李 浩 林 會 為 嘉 玲 的 婚 禮 擔 任 司 儀 , 昨 日 他 由 曼 谷 飛 往 不 丹 時 說 : 「 係 偉 仔 、 嘉 玲 邀 請 我 做 MC , 會 盡 量 做 好 。 」
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