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PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2003 7:45 am    Post subject: A work-in-process story written by Mu99le and others

As of now the story is only been written by Mu99le, hopefully, others would continue the story one day. I still owe Mu99le my part of the story.

Author: Muggle

The pretty woman walked along the Times River, enjoying the enchanting view of sunset while feeling the serene touch of autumn breeze in her face. She had always dreamed to wander in London, her most favorite place since she was young, and only now she has the opportunity to really do it. Though she had been to the city a couple of times before she got married, and several more times after, she had never been exploring it alone, and the visits were always for a brief spell. Now, at last, she has the whole city for her own.

She looked at the river, calm and sparkling beneath the sunlight, and stopped to relish the view. Her moments of peace did not last long, though. Her husband’s face surfaced in the water as she remembered how she had asked him to let her travel for a few days on her own.

“Why alone?” he had asked in perplexity. The woman has told him that she only needs some time to be on her own, that she does not want to distract his work and that he need not to worry about her. “Just a moment of self-meditation, that’s all,” she said. “You know, a woman of forty need to reflect on her lives.”

And so he let her go, though rather unwillingly, and she still feel a spark of guilt every now and then as she remembered the bemusement in her husband’s round face.

She raised her left hand, which now has a few lines on the smooth skin left from her youth. On her index finger, the diamond wedding ring glimmered. Faces of her husband and her three-year-old son again flashed, leaving her with even more uneasiness. She closed her eyes. There was something else that makes her come down to this place, apart from wanting to experience her dream city on her own. A hidden feeling that refuses to die down with years, that leaves a feeling of unrest…

“Sorry Miss, are you…” The woman startled, staring at the young man standing in front of her. “Do you know me?” she said after gaining her composure. The young man hesitated for a moment, then said tentatively, “Oh, no, I just thought you are…” His voice trailed off as he said a name. She smiled, “No, I am not.” The young man was taken aback a little, but then smiled back. "That's too bad," he said. "She used to be my favorite actress." An uneasy silence, then, “Sorry to disturb you." The woman nodded, and the young man left.

The woman sighed. She used to have this feeling, a feeling of awkwardness every time people recognize her on the street. But that was already a long time ago, when she was still in the spotlight. A feeling of sadness swept her. That was indeed beautiful moments: the time when she was still young, hopeful…and in love.

Again, the images of a sunny face, with sharp black eyes under bushy eyebrows and a lighthearted smile that have been haunting him for years flashed before her. Her tears ran unconsciously down her cheek as her thoughts flew back fifteen years ago….

* * * * *

“Come on, Sandy, we are late!” Cassie urged as she pulled Sandy’s hand to join the queue. Sandy walked hesitantly, her face frowned as she was dragged by Cassie in the midst of the excited crowd. “Come on, don’t be angry anymore, OK?”

“I should be angry,” Sandy said slowly. “If you want to become a movie star, you shouldn’t drag me.” “Oh come on, don’t be such a whiner!” Sandra quipped, as she was standing on her tiptoe trying to judge the length of the queue. “They are going to give us intensive 1-year training, as long as you are attractive, it's enough!” “Bullshit!” Sandy snapped. “What if you did not pass the course? Everybody is going to laugh at me!” “Come on, you moron! You have the talent! You have the face! You should have more confidence than me! Now stop being a chicken!”

Sandy, angered, was ready to shout back, but seeing Cassie’s overtly-eager face, which did not face her at all, she bite back her words. No point arguing with Cassandra, who is like a whirlwind and swept everything around her. Besides, she has support from all their other friends, who always praise Sandy’s look and partaking in school dramas. OK, I will follow her, and if I don’t like it, I’m out of here.

The corner of her right eye suddenly caught something that made her heart stop. She turned so fast her neck ached. But all she could see was the buzzing crowd of young men and women, all talking excitedly. Strange…she thought. I can almost swear I saw…

“Hey, trying your luck too?” said a voice. Sandy turned, and beside Cassandra there was a girl about their age. With huge eyes that are close to each other, high cheekbones, big nostrils and full lips, she was not very pretty, but looked very mature for her age. Her skin was white and smooth, and she has sexy shape.

“I’m Lisa,” she extended her hand. “From China.” “Wow, you went very far for fame!” Cassandra quipped. Lisa laughed. “I’m Cassandra, and this is Sandy.” “Hi,” Sandy smiled, and Lisa smiled back. “You are pretty,” she said. “If you can handle the acting, I’m sure you will rise in no time.” “Come on, we haven’t even started yet,” Sandy said, feeling a bit uneasy. Was she imagining things, or was there a little jealousy in Lisa’s tone?

“See? I told you!” Cassie said, “You not only have the look, you also got the talent! She was a drama queen at school, Lisa, and the only problem she has is this very serious identity crisis…aww, don’t poke me!” Cassie looked at Sandy angrily, rubbing her ribs. “She was the one sending my application here, I didn’t have any intention for this at all,” Sandy said. Lisa winked, “Hey, we have nothing to lose. It’s free right? At the very least, we can bring home some souvenirs.” She glanced to some attractive-looking young men.

They laughed, and Sandy felt a little better. She has made new friend, and though only for a brief spell, a glimpse of big, beaming black eyes and lovable smirk that she saw before Lisa came has uplifted her mood.


The first days of acting school turned out to be so exciting that Sandy felt it’s not so bad after all. On their first class, the tutor suddenly jumped into classroom five minutes after the lesson was supposed to start, roaring loudly and looking around bewilderedly. Seeing the terror-stricken face of his students, he immediately stopped acting and laughed.

“Scared y’all to death, didn’t I?” he grinned. The students giggled nervously. “Now, the very first thing you have to learn about acting is,” he paused, looking at the thirty pair of eyes that looked at him curiously, “be believable.”

He heaved himself to a chair and leaned toward them. “The key of good acting is to never, ever, let audience believe for a single minute that you are merely acting. People said good actors act like the person they portrayed, but I say good actors be the person they portrayed!You have to react to situations like you didn’t know about it before, just like what you did just now. What's the point of acting if you can't convince audience that it is real? That's the true challenge for actors. When you have managed to act on your instinct, when you have managed to show pure expression, you have grasped the core of the art.”

He said this all so vividly and convincingly that Sandy, appalled at first with the tutor’s antic, became mesmerized with his words. And she was not alone as everybody else in the room, even the usually jokey Cassandra, listened speechless to the lesson. The skinny, lithe man of forty, whom they finally recognized as senior actor Jonathan, then continued explaining the basics of acting with students paying full attention.

The lessons afterwards were just as exciting, as the wannabe young actors learn about dialogues, expression, role interpretation and stage mastering. However, Sandy soon learned that these still could not match the big surprise that happened on the third week of the course--at least for her.

The students were in class at the time, rehearsing the drama they had to play that day. Sandy and Lisa were painstakingly trying to master their dialogues when Jonathan entered with his usual attention-grabbing manner.

“OK guys!” he clapped his palms loudly. “We’ll now go to Studio 1 to practice in real studio environment. It’s now time to test your self-confidence. Take your notes and follow me.”

Sandy felt her legs suddenly going numb. She had performed several times in school, but performing before her drama teacher and a bunch of schoolmates she had known so well with performing before thirty people she had barely known and an acting guru with 30 years experience were two very different experiences.

Lisa looked at her and touched her shoulder. “Don’t worry, everybody’s nervous too. You already have the basic, so be confident.” She winked, and Sandy winked back. Feeling a little encouraged, she managed to stand and followed Lisa to the door.

Studio One was the largest in the television station, with cameras, dollies, and backdrops for television dramas. When the students walked in, Jonathan was talking with a cameraman while a group of young men were standing nearby, chatting and laughing. The students entered the room nervously, huddling together behind a triple-legged camera. Sandy looked around with fascination despite her anxiety, and then she sighted something that made her heart stop beating.


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Author: Muggle

Among the group of young men, there was a beaming boyish face with smooth, youthful skin and big, gleaming dark eyes below a pair of bushy eye brows. Sandy could never forget the eyes: they were impish, curious eyes that sparkled with pure innocence and sincere feelings. When the face smiled, the narrowing eyes were filled with heartfelt warmth that left her breathless. And the smile, she noticed, was itself a genuine and lovable smile, with the corners of the otherwise full, petulant lips touching the sides of the face and formed a sweet angle that revealed perfect, pearly white teeth.

Without any doubt, Sandy concluded that this was the face she briefly glimpsed in the crowd during the busy registration day. She stood hypnotized at the unique charming face, unable to tore her glance away until Cassandra edged her side.

"What are you looking at? You looked like you're being witched or something." "Oh, no...nothing! Just...looking at that set from 'The Grand Family'." Cassie looked at her suspiciously. "Mom wouldn't believe this, it's her favorite!" Cassie nodded, "Yeah unbelievable that we're actually here where the stars were." Seeing that her friend's no longer suspicious, Sandy breathed sigh of relief. She didn't know why, but she didn't want Cassie to see her lovestruck with a boy she hadn't even known.

"Okay guys!" Jonathan had turned to them. "We will now practice the drama in real acting situation. It's in here your stage skill will be really tested. We'll see how you can detach yourself from the world around you, from the audience, and live the world of your own," he waved the script in his hand. "I have asked some of the former graduates of this school to help, they were in the batch before you and they have now worked in various divisions in this TV station. They were happened to be here today and they've agreed to help. Now, let me introduce you to...."

Sandy listened absent-mindedly, still couldn't tear her eyes from the boyish lad. His bushy hair was combed to the side, following the most recent hairstyle, and his lean frame was wrapped in brown jacket, beige shirt and jeans. Sandy also noticed that he wasn't tall for a man's height, probably just a little taller than her. Perhaps their age didn't differ much either.

"...and now," Jonathan said, after finished introducing Lawrence, the school's graduate who already worked on his first series, "let me introduce Tony." He tapped the boyish lad's shoulder, to Sandy's ultimate shock. She then learned that she was not at all the only one who got awe-stricken with the lad's look: almost all of her female classmates were looking at the lad, murmuring and giggling excitedly within themselves. When she glanced at Lisa, she found that her new friend who have always liked to comment on every boy they saw have been left speechless as well.

"Most of you probably have known him. He's now the host of this tv's children program, but you might not know that he was among the best in my class last year. He had gotten the core of acting that I have been explaining to you, and he's going to be my first example." Jonathan smirked, and the lad smiled nervously. Great...he's not just handsome but smart and down-to-earth too!!! Sandy thought. She suddenly had a crazy thinking to leap forward and peck that nervous smile.

"OK, so this is what we gonna do," said Jonathan, letting go of Tony's shoulder. "Each of you will come forward one-by-one and do your part, while these actors will be your dialogue partner according to the script. You guys have to watch how your partner reacts, and you have to believe that he's really the person you face on the script. After that, we will play the drama on the stage over there. OK, any question?"

No hands were raised. Sandy felt cold sweat in her face. What if I have to face him? I won't be able to stand, let alone talk!!!

She was too frightened to notice that Tony was at the time looking at her, and when their eyes finally met, she felt her heart frozen. She turned away from him instantly, unable to look at the eyes directly, but she could still feel the sensation of the brief encounter. When she looked at the eyes, she felt as if she was being struck by a high voltage of electricity that made her heart stop and her entire body numb. She couldn't describe what was it in those eyes that gave her such sensation, but much later she knew it was a mixture of many deep-seated emotions that were expressed so effectively in the glances and created undescribable feeling inside anyone who looked at them.

Why he was looking at me? Sandy thought, her heart beating hard. Did he know I had been looking at him?

"No questions?" Jonathan's loud voice alarmed her and brought her back to reality. "OK, so everyone have understood. Now, who wants to go first?" Sandy felt as if she had shrunken to the size of a mouse, overwhelmed with fear and praying, not me, please not me, I can't bear to act before him, I'll faint if I have to face him....

But Jonathan had seen her anxious face, and Sandy felt her heart sank when her tutor looked at her. "Sandy, would you like to come over?" he said. Her mouth instantly opened, wanting to say no, but seeing many faces that now turned to her, somehow she couldn't force the word out. Finally, she stood up slowly, trembled from head to toe, her palms ice-cold with sweat. Not with him, please, not with him....

"Tony, you read this part..." Sandy felt as if all blood had been absent from her face, and she felt like fainting. But she couldn't escape, and somehow her conscious mind enabled her to stay upright.

"Ready Sandy? OK go!" Jonathan clapped and stepped back before Sandy could even respond. She was now face-to-face with Tony, they were looking at each other, and Sandy was so surprised she could stand before him that she didn't realize that all the dialogues she have memorized have flown away from her mind.

"You can start now, Sandy," said Jonathan, and Sandy felt panicked. Oh no, I forgot the first line!!! She looked to Cassie for help, and thankfully, her pal caught her anxiety. She then mumbled something that made her remember.

"I have something to say to you," she said slowly, almost inaudible, head slightly bent down. Thank heavens I am playing a girl who wants to break up with her boyfriend, she thought, so nobody could blame my pathetic look.

"No need for that." Sandy startled. The reply was so cold, so grave, so hateful. She looked up, and she saw the warm and boyish face she had seen earlier had gone, replaced by a hard and cold expression. Suddenly, she felt rage inside her. Who was he to talk like that to me?

"What do you mean?" she asked anxiously. Her dignity and rage that have been ignited by the cold response suddenly made her realize where she was and what she was doing, and her dialogues resurfaced in her mind.

"You know perfectly what I mean, you filthy, ungrateful woman," said Tony slowly in cold, sarcastic tone. "Am I not worthy enough to become your boyfriend? Well, I guess being kind and educated and have 'good sense of humor' as you once said was not enough, wasn't it? It's surely more comfortable and secure to be with guys whose limousine alone can feed your kids for several generations."

WHACK! Before she realized it, she had slapped the face she had been admiring the whole day. People gasped, and Tony was flabbergasted. But Sandy was lost in anger, and she could not stop. "Shut up," she said forcefully with trembling tone. "Before you can say something bad about somebody else, look at yourself and think. What you have been given me these past five years? I don't mean money, in fact, I was the one who had been supporting you in writing your damn novels! I have been willing to make myself a fool to give you inspirations for your weird stories! But what have you done to me in return? Not only have you neglected me, you spent nights after nights up here drinking and doing nothing that can make me feel proud of you. So don't blame me if I run to another guy, and for your information, he was not the one with limousine. That was my brother-in-law, who picked me up for dinner with him and my sister, and my new guy, if you want to know, is someone who's poorer than you but at least won't waste his time acting like an idiot who can only dream and then feeling sorry for himself!!"

Sandy's face had went red with fury by this. There was a dead silence in the room. Tony was very stunned he couldn't say anything. Seeing his awe-stricken look, Sandy was suddenly thrown back into reality, and, realizing what she has done, stepped back in horror and unbelief.

"Awesome, Sandy!" Jonathan clapped his hands aloud, and those present felt as if they have just woke up from a shared dream. "You see, she was so enraged by Tony's very real emotion that she got carried away with the situation. I was afraid you were going to break down after the slap, but you didn't. You put yourself into the situation very well, and your concentration was not diverted. Very, very good!"

Sandy could not say anything. She felt her knees suddenly very weak and she almost fell if one of her classmates didn't catch her. The crowd laughed and applauded, but Sandy did not hear anything. She felt so afraid and so ashamed she wanted to sprint to the door and never look back. But she couldn't, and when the concerned Cassie and Lisa asked her whether she's all right, she couldn't answer.

The next half an hour was a torture for Sandy. What a great start, she thought bitterly. Once again my stupid pride had made me look like a fool. I knew it was all not real, but why did I get carried away by his acting? Now I can never meet him again in my whole life!

Her attention only diverted when Lisa's turn came to have a dialogue with Tony. She was amazingly calm and composed, but managed to deliver her lines sincerely and meaningfully. I'm just not her, Sandy thought. If only I had a quarter of her poise, this disaster wouldn't have happened.

"OK guys," Jonathan finally said, "I was thinking of continuing this with our own practice, but you have all been all out today. You have stunned me and these gentlemens with your fast learning. I have no doubt you will be another successful batch of this acting school! So see you tomorrow, everyone! Class dismissed!"

There were suddenly much noise as the students rose from their seats and talked at the same time. The girls quickly gathered around Sandy and bombarded her with questions. "How could you do that? Slapping a celebrity! Are you mad or something?" Sandy shook her head weakly, "I don't know, I really don't know, I suddenly felt so angry and I just did it." She buried her face in her knee, and Cassie patted her back. "It's OK, u were great, that's just what Jonathan want! Did u guys see what he looked like when Sandy slapped Tony? His eyes almost popped out!" There were laughters, and one girl said,"His acting was so real we got carried with it! Oh what a great actor....and a hunk too!"

Sandy finally could not take it anymore. She got up, broke free from her friends and ran to the door. She did not hear Cassie calling her name--all she wanted was to go home.

She entered the empty classroom they left earlier in the day, grabbed her bag and walked out of the building. She barely stepped out to the parking lot when someone called her.

"Hey." She turned around, and was shocked when realizing it was none other than Tony. He walked up to her, smiling a little, and Sandy saw that up close, he's even more handsome.

"Sorry I made you angry earlier," he said tentatively, looking uncomfortable and very different with the person he was on stage. He's now back to his real self--boyish and innocent. Sandy shook her head forcefully, "No, no, no, you only did your job, I was the stupid one--I got too carried away." He smiled, "Which means I did a great job?" Sandy laughed, and suddenly she felt much more relaxed. "You did," she said, looking up to him. "You're so real I completely forgot it was only a play." Tony smiled sheepishly, and Sandy felt her heart melt at the smile--it was so adorable. "You were great too, you really felt the situation." Hearing this, Sandy felt guilty again. "I'm very sorry to hit you," she said earnestly. He smirked, "Nah, that's fine. I thought I have ashamed you or something."

There was a moment of silence, then...

"Sorry, what's your name again?" "Sandy." "Sandy," he nodded. "You know my name, don't you?" Sandy looked at her playfully, "I forgot." They laughed, and Tony extended his hand, "Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too. I'm sorry we have to met like this." " least I won't easily forget it." They laughed again, then Tony glanced at his watch.

"Sorry, I have to go." "OK," Sandy nodded. Tony looked at her, "Can I see you again?" Sandy startled. Could he be asking for a date? "Yeah...sure. Anytime," she answered, not really know what to say. "OK, well...see you again." "See ya." Tony turned around and walked off, and Sandy was ready to give up all dreams when he turned back.

"What's your phone number?" Sandy could hardly believe her ears. "Sorry??" "What's your phone number?" he repeated. She got so excited she nearly forgot her home number. "555-4171". He recited the number in low murmur, then smiled, "I'll call you." "OK," was all Sandy could say. "See ya!" he waved, then ran to the parking lot. Sandy startled, then shouted "THANKS!" but he has disappeared from sight.

A warm feeling overwhelmed Sandy from head to toe. Not only she had been spared from year-long embarassment of slapping a senior, but her disaster turned out to be blessing in disguise! She was so filled with euphoria of finally meeting the boy of her dreams that she did not realize the presence of her friends, whom had been watching her from behind the entrance door and now stood aghast at her good luck.

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This is my first time composed fiction story. Here it is at last!!! I welcome constructive criticism and feedback from readers

Author: News

Chapter ?
The good-bye seemed like a commencement of a splendid journey of a friendship, but somehow it still appeared like a real good-bye, Tony Yeung contemplated silently. Tony pulled his pen from his jacket’s inside pocket and scrawled down the phone number on the back of a receipt. He strolled slowly toward the bus stop to catch the bus to the Pearl Bakery shop.

For Tony, it was the best of times. The year was 1983. Yeung graduated from the TVB actor training class the preceding year and was already hosting a children’s television program with a few other young hosts. He was learning his crafts swiftly and was keen to attain perfection. The Hong Kong entertainment industry was flourishing and many opportunities had arisen due to a demanding market.

The weather was chilly and cloudy for a Friday afternoon late in September. Tony spotted a phone booth and promptly he thought of Jamie Chen. He dialed and waited until he heard Jamie’s voice answer.

“Jamie!” he proclaimed into the receiver. “It’s Tony!”

“How are you?” Jamie Chen inquired excitedly. "How’s everything with you?"

"I’m confused," Tony admitted. “I haven’t been content with my life…” He let his voice trail off for a moment. What are you doing?" he asked Jamie knowing he must be working. He usually had his head buried in his work at his law office at Central Plaza.

“Working,” Jamie laughed heartily, swinging his Samosite ultra shine black high back leather chair to face the glass window.

“If you are still at your office at this time of course you must be working.” Tony brushed a few drops of the rainwater off from his forehead and face with his white T-shirt. “I don’t know why I asked you. I should have known the answer!”

Tony and Jamie shared a long history of friendship. Tony always regarded Jamie as his mentor and dearest friend; he was never reticent about pouring his heart out to Jamie. The rain clouds were gathering fast, but Tony paid no heed to the rain. He was too busy talking to Jamie. He had been trying to get in touch with Jamie for weeks; he had to grasp this opportunity to catch up with him. But soon Tony moved hastily inside into the phone booth and closed the door behind him to shield himself from the rain, which was now beginning to pour. He felt dog-tired he had been drained all day, but he ignored his aches and pains. His body would have to wait for its well-earned rest for the moment. Now he had more important matters on his mind.

“Do you remember you told me about the difference between the real world and the academic world when I was a senior in high school?” he asked.


“Life as a student was demanding; yet, adult life is unsatisfying and bewildering,” explained Tony.

“It’s true,” Jamie concluded with certainty, “We are surrounded by superficial conversations and many people talk like they have important things to say, but they are not saying anything worth hearing; nonetheless, they only scratch the surface. The difference between you and them, Tony, is that you dig deeper. You want to find the meaning of life and what makes your life complete. I don’t hear other young people talk about it as much”

“Well, Jamie, how can I lead a happy life if I don’t know what career path I should take? I’m confused as hell.”

“Have you seen the new issue of Entertainment Monthly?” asked Jamie, knew that Ron Wu’s interview would cheer Tony up.

“Nah, I haven’t seen it? Is it released already?”

“Yes. Go home, look for the issue, and read the piece on Ron Wu. Then, we can schedule a luncheon meeting for further catch up and discussion on him. Sounds good?”

“Ok, that sounds like a plan. Don’t exhaust yourself. Go home and play with your children.” Tony said. “Bye, Jamie.”

Their phone conversation had ended minutes ago; yet, the twenty year-old confused Tony still carried on his own internal conversation, for when the #7 bus pulled up to the bus stopped, the bus driver yelled, “Are you getting on or what?”

Tony’s thoughts returned to the present. “Yeah, yeah. Sorry. Here’s the money. Sorry about the wait,” Tony said apologized.

Looking out the bus window, Tony was dumbfounded by the crowded on the street. Every corner, every street, every alley, there were people walking, shoulder to shoulder. In the summer it was burning hot and humid, and the sweat from people’s foreheads and bodies weren’t sufficient to clean a fish market, but it sure didn’t keep the tourists away. There was no place like Hong Kong, where the East- meets-West culture brought millions of tourists annually. The thriving movie industry surely helped spread the word to the world outside of this British-colony. Hong Kong was neither a new city nor old, but it was a lively city where opportunity met dreamer met reality. If you acted on it, you can definitely realize your dream here

Time flies when you’re busy, especially your mind is occupied, Tony realized with a laughed as he missed his stop. He got off at the next stop and sprinted to Pearl Bakery shop for a dinner with his stubborn pal, Francis Ma.

Chapter ?

Frowning his bushy eyebrows and large hazy brown eyes at his best friend, Francis Ma eyed Tony. “What took you so damn long?” Can you for once respect our friendship and not be late?” he complained.

Tony laughed as he went for the ice tea simultaneously just brought over by the waiter.

“It’s my fault. But there is no need to talk philosophical to me. Look, I had an important call to make. That’s why I was late. The meal is on me!”

“Of course, it’s on you,” Francis said, laughing out loud and rubbing his hands together as he signaled the waiter to bring him the menu. “Payback time!”

“Oh no. I shouldn’t have said that,” Tony smiled ruefully.

“It’s too late now!”

“You seem in a good mood today,” said Francis in a serious tone. “What’s wrong with your face? You have fingerprint on your right cheek.”

“I got slapped today during the rehearsal,” Tony replied.

“Really? Too bad I wasn’t there to witness it,” laughed Francis, adding salt to his friend’s wound. “Wow, it must be a male co-star otherwise the fingerprints wouldn’t still be visible,” he said.

“Nah, it was a female co-star. She was new. She’s one of the students of TVB acting training program.”

“A girl, huh? Wow, what a great way to remember a girl. Getting slapped on a first meeting. You should show her to me one day to see what power does she has that smacked our handsome boy so hard,” Francis giggled.

“Do you want food or not?” Tony said, trying to change the subject. I have to be home by 5 p.m.”

“What’s the rush? Don’t tell me that you running home to read the new issue of Entertainment Monthly?”

“What else?” admitted Tony “You should know, today is the 25th of September, and the mailman dropped off the mail at 4 p.m. So, you have exactly 42 minutes to eat your food.”

The billed arrived Tony reached for his wallet in his back Jean’s pocket.

“I will see you at the bus stop bright and early at 8 a.m. tomorrow!” Francis called out. From the outside looking in, Francis didn’t seem like a punctual guy, but his messy face was just a cover. He hated people who weren’t on time.

To be continued…
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just a little addition Smile

"Mom, I'm home." Tony shut the railing door behind him.
"Just about time. Your sis has just got back." Mrs. Leung moved swiftly in the small kitchenette, pouring dishes to bowls. She looked up at him, "You took the bus again?"

Tony felt his face blushed. He couldn't lie to her. "Yeah."
"Why don't you take taxi? Don't u get enough payment from being host of that children show?"
"Just want to save some more, mom," he said quietly, unable to find decent answer.
"Half this city has recognised you and you still take the bus? How I can face the neighbours if you still do that?" her mother said indignantly.
"I will buy a car soon mom, don't worry," Tony said lamely.
"They often ask me what on earth you were doing taking that stupid acting course...."
"It's not a stupid acting course, mom. And it's FREE. You have nothing to lose." Tony interrupted rather irritatingly.
"But you sacrifice your education for something that you're not even sure about!" his mother retorted. "Instant fame, they say...hah! You haven't even got enough to take the cab."
Tony sighed, closing his eyes. Why his mother always misunderstand him? Wasn't it her who taught him the virtue of saving? Can't she understand that now he has a steady job, he was going to spend the money wisely?
Be patient, he told himself. Don't lose control and ruin everything. Your mom has had enough of life. Two more weeks and she will see his point.
"Sorry mom, I will take the cab tomorrow," he said, putting his hands on her mother's shoulders.
"I just don't want you to be a loser like that old man of yours, all right? Spending his time on stupid lofty dreams while having no idea what his family will eat tomorrow..."
"Don't worry mom, I won't disappoint you. I can return to school anytime if it doesn't work," he assured her.
She sighed. Tony could see that she has given up, and secretly breathed sigh of relief.
"Let's have dinner," she said, and got off to call her daughter. Tony sat on the wooden chair, and as he was about to take the chopsticks the doorbell rang.
"I get it!" he shouted to his mom, and moved swiftly to the door and unlocked it.
"Your magazine," the postman smiled, handing him new copy of Entertainment Monthly in plastic seal.
"Thanks," he said brusquely, then ran to his room and slipped the magazine under his pillow.
"Who was it?" his mother asked when he entered the dining room.
"Oh no....just the paper boy asking his payment," he said, feeling slightly guilty inside.
"Strange...he usually come later," Mrs. Leung frowned slightly. "Ah well, sit down and eat."
Tony sat down and began to eat. Lying to his mother had never been easier, but if she found out that he had been spending his money on one of those 'worthless magazines', she would start again.

* * * * *

Lying on his bed, Tony flipped the pages on Ron Wu interview for what must be the tenth time. The excerpts from the pages kept floating on his mind.

Q: Why you never use script?

A: One of my teachers in film school told me that the highest level of acting is when you are not acting anymore. I always want to capture the truest picture of humanity. That's why I don't want to limit my actors...I just give them a situation and let them react naturally to it."

Tony put the magazine aside and closed his eyes. Deep in his heart he felt the rush of emotions that he had kept inside for many years, the feeling of loneliness and bitterness of being raised in broken family and the unsatisfaction of life. When he first attended the acting class he could feel the emotions breaking loose, as he wailed the death of a girlfriend and cried over the adultery of a wife in staged acts. For the first time in his life he felt like home, as he could express his feelings without restraints. He felt comfortable, relieved, revived. Everyone praised his performance, not realizing that it's actually the angry, bitter child inside him that had long waited to get out, to express himself. From then on he knew this is going to be his life. He knew the feelings of those people on the script...their longings, their weakness, their pride, their pain. He had seen a lot in his only twenty years of life, and now he had found the outlet to convey all those experiences.

But when he can actually do it?

His thoughts slowly drifted away as his eyes got heavy, flying to dreamworld where he mesmerize audience with his acting, with Ron Wu smiling satisfactorily from the director's chair and his mother watching proudly in the front seat...

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2004 3:24 am    Post subject:

"He won't call," Lisa said quietly.
"He doesn't look like a jerk," said Sandy rather defensively.
Lisa swished her hand as if saying 'pshaw'. "Come on Sandy, you know those vain young stars, give them a little fame and their heads get swollen so big they can't keep their feet on the ground."
Cassie snorted, but straightened up quickly when her eyes met Sandy.

It was Friday night and three of them were gathering in the convenient living room in Sandy's parents' house. Two weeks had past since the extraordinary day in the acting school and Tony has not called her. Perhaps I was hoping too much, she thought. A handsome budding young star like him will surely be too busy to notice mere mortal like me. And to think I have humiliated him in front of so many people...
Cassie, seeing the misery that surfaces in her friend's face, said cheerily,"Hey, don't be so pessimistic. No guy with healthy mind ever resist you Sandy. I saw his eyes brightened when he talked to you. Perhaps he's busy."
Lisa began, "you don't know these guys, they just like to play around with pretty naive g..."
She coughed as Cassie elbowed her ribs and signed angrily to Sandy, who was still busy with her thoughts. She shrugged and pat the girl's hand.
"Don't worry, it's not your fault. Rising popstars like him wouldn't be able to take it if a nobody like you slapped him in front of public. He seemed sincere enough that day, I saw it. Perhaps he hasn't got time."
"But you're right, he's a star already. Who am I to hope he will remember me? I'm so stupid!" she hit the cushion angrily.
Cassie and Lisa looked at each other, not knowing what else to say. There is an awkward silence before the phone suddenly rang, making all three of them jumped.
"Answer it!" Cassie motioned Sandy to pick the phone. Sandy hesitated, heart beating faster, then picked the handle.

"Hello, is this Chen residence?"
"Can I speak to Sandy please?"
"Who's it?"
"This is Tony Leung."
Sandy fell silent, hardly believe what she heard. Her friends stared at her with wide, curious eyes.
"Oh sorry, this is Sandy speaking."
"Oh hi, do you still remember me?"
"Yeah of course!" This guy is funny, she thought. How could she forget him??
"Well...I know this may sound funny you have time tomorrow?"
Sandy closed her eyes. This gotta be a dream. She pinched her wrist. It hurted.
"Uh...what time?"
"Er...tomorrow night?"
"I think so. Why?" Say it, please.
"Er..yeah...I want to have a chat with you. Can we meet at Amigos?"
Oh. My. God.
" you know the place?"
"Yeah, sure."
"Good...uh...actually it doesn't matter, I'll pick you up. Could you tell me your address please?"
Sandy did.
" you tomorrow at 7?"
"Yeah...see you tomorrow."
"Bye...and thanks!"
Though she couldn't see him, she had strange feeling that he smiled in the other line, as his voice sounded warmer.
"It's him right?" Cassie asked in hoarse voice.
Sandy looked at them for a long time, and when they were sure she has lost her voice, she screamed and hugged them both. They all screamed and jumped up-and-down in the large living room.

* * * * *

Tony put the phone handle back on its place, then threw himself on the bed. Lying on his back, he smiled widely. He wanted to laugh and dance around. Strange indeed but he had been very attracted to this extremely sweet, brave and energetic girl who dared to slap him in public, and despite his rising fame he wasn't sure whether she would want to go out with him. After all, he had hurted her, even though it was only a rehearsal. Yet her face and smile lingered, a sweet fantasy that made his days. It grew stronger everyday, and after nearly two weeks of hesitancy, he mustered up the courage and gave her a call. Now that she has agreed, he felt so warm and relieved as if he has just entered a warm bath...

Suddenly he bolted up. With WHAT I am going to pick her up? What will she think if she knows I haven't got a car?!
Just tell her the truth, said the voice inside him. No, he shook his head, I don't want to sound cheesy. But it's true, the voice insisted. Besides, girls are always touched by boys who are dedicated to their parents. He shook his head again. No, I don't want to impress a girl by making tear-jerking story about my family.
Then he had an idea. He reached the phone again and dialled Jamie's number.
"Hi Jamie, can I borrow your car tomorrow?"
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2004 2:58 am    Post subject: The moment before the moment...

Sandy’s heart was a loud and constant staccato in her chest. It can’t be normal, this heartbeat, this jackhammer, boring a hole in her body. It was 6:30, and this was not how she imagined this moment would be like. Any girl would have tried on at least five dresses and half a dozen shoes by now but here she was, still in house clothes and wondering why she couldn’t have been the store-hitting shopper that every other girl seemed to be; every girl, but her. She supposed she could wear her favorite white blouse…

“I can’t believe you’re not dressed!” Cassie screamed from Sandy’s opened bedroom door. “I’m not going anywhere, but I look great. You, on the other hand, look like crap. Take a bath! You have thirty minutes before Tony gets here! No one can look great for a date in thirty minutes! You're acting like handsome men grow on trees and line up to take you out. Do you even know what you’re wearing?” Cassie pushed Sandy into the adjoining bathroom. “Go!”

“I’m going, I’m going.”

“I knew it. I could have come in an hour ago to help you, but I didn’t. Now I have only myself to blame!” Cassie sighed dramatically before she started rummaging into Sandy’s cabinet. “Hey Sandy, for a girl who hardly buys clothes you sure have a lot of nice stuff. Can I borrow this pink sweater?”

“Cassie, focus, you’re supposed to be helping me.”

“Aiyah! You focus on rinsing your hair, Sandy. Leave this to the expert.” Cassie selected some blouses and laid them on the bed, pulled skirts and jeans from hangers and piled them on a chair. She mixed them and matched them, throwing the rest on the floor. When Sandy came out of the shower, Cassie was busy retrieving an errant shoe that was wedged under the bed. “Don’t drip on that blouse!”

“What’s it doing on the floor?”

“Never mind what it’s doing on the floor, Sandy, pick something to wear. You have three choices, and twenty minutes to get ready so stop dripping on that blouse and start wearing this blouse. Or this blouse. Or that blouse. Red is a good color on you. Lucky red! Why don’t you wear a lucky red blouse?”

“No lucky red for me tonight, Cassie,” Sandy said gently. She combed her fine dark hair, and secured it with an elastic. She moved away from the bed to her closet and slipped into a white skirt, which fell below her knees, and her soft carnation-colored sweater, which made the creaminess of her complexion even creamier. Her feet slid easily into her sandals as her hands busily retrieved her face powder, cherry lip gloss and handkerchief.

“I was going to borrow that.”

“The handkerchief?”

“No, the sweater.” Cassie walked over to brush Sandy’s hair from her shoulder. “But I’m glad you wore it.” Cassie smiled. "You look like you were born to break the hearts of children’s television show hosts everywhere.”

Outside, four wheels skidded to a halt in front of the Chens's house. The hammering of the engine’s pistons died, but something kept knocking even after Tony parked and open the door.

Tony’s heart was a loud and constant staccato in his chest. It can’t be normal, this heartbeat, this jackhammer, boring a hole in his body. It was 7:00, Tony found himself walking up the drive, feeling his cold hands, pressing the small golden doorbell and waiting, waiting, waiting for a minute, maybe less. When the door opened finally, and Sandy’s face revealed itself, framed by that open door, he knew this was how he imagined this moment would be like.

Feelings can creep up just like that.
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JENNY!!! OMG this is fantastic!!! u're really my twin sis! if i had continued the story i would've written it that way!! (maybe not exactly the same...i would wrote about Sandy rummaging her cabinet frantically for dress borrowed by her sister, but still in similar line). i am so surprised u get these characters well. since me and news don't have time right now to continue, i hope u can continue the saga (LOL). keep up the good work!! Very Happy
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, 2004 7:43 am    Post subject:

Well-done Jen! Very Happy Thanks for taking over the “at rest” story for us. Others feel free to jump in or pitch your ideas anytime. I'm resting my pen. Can't force word on paper when the creative side of my brain isn't kicking. Wink
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:43 pm    Post subject:

Wow . This is a really nice piece of work? any plans on updating this soon?? ^^

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