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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 4:13 am    Post subject: From HK about"LUST, CAUTION"

Now,I stay hongkong from 28th September to first October.
Yesternight, I came back my hotel after enjoyed "Lust,Caution" of second time.

OH MY GOD! At "UA MongKok", All time "Lust Caution" is "爆満=full to capacity"! 28th(First time), I can't keep best position's seat. After end of Movie,My neck ached very much.... and I understand the chinese superimposed title only half. Particularly "The 汪精衛國民政府官員 wives' mah-jongs"s scene...Who are "品芬"?...I need see again!!

It is a very cruel and terrible love and hate tale....I saw that a lot of Hongkong's female audience weeped. WAO! I surprised it a little.

I read Eileen Cheung張愛玲's novel version"Lust,Caution" already. In my humble opinion, Ang Lee added a bold omission. Particularly "The 汪精衛偽國民政府官員 wives' mah-jongs"s scene.

And, Ang Lee and adaptation stuff added it imagining the past of characters. Particularly heroine=Wang Chia-chih's problem in her's family background. Wong feels that She was deserted by her father.After her mother's die, from male-dominated 30-40's Chinese society,her father chose her younger brother only, and left in Britain.after time, father married a British woman.In my humble opinion, heroine=Wang Chia-chih has "Electra complex" a bit.It is a reason that Wang Chia-chi started love and hate Mr.Yee,and she can't serect univercity patoriotic theatrical mate of reader's love.She need win the heart of Mr.Yee, need not "helpless big brother"'s love.

易黙成=Mr.Yee's setting exceeded my imagination very much. My"Mr.Yee" never cry, He always smiled and doesn't tearch his weakness point in front of his wife and others. When 鄭蘋如(Teng Ping-lu) was captured, 丁黙村 called the telephone several times, and said to a Japanese friend. "All problems settled, now. Let's return to the feast!" with an attitude of composure,without batting an eye.
But It's no wonder 易黙成=Mr.Yee isn't 丁黙村,Tony expressed Mr.Yee individuality according to the wonderful performance.I feel that Mr.Yee has a quickly carriage.Real Tony move very gracefully and slow.Of cause Tony's expression of the eyes......super excellent!!!! If looks could kill person, I'm killed by Mr.Yee over and over again! But this time,Tony have a rough skin and have a lot of pimples...Is this in preparation for this fifties role? ...I pity for Tony....
And Tony version's Mr.Yee said:"I don't like Black out" or "I don't like dark places". Yes, He always afraid 蒋介石=Chiang Chung-cheng's assassin and avenger of blood...At a certain time, Wang Chia-chih covers Mr.Yee's face with the pillow. I felt that frightened and rout him was very painful scene....

Now, I heard"Lust caution"'s Sound Track CD in my hotel room's Player. this Sound Track Music is very suspenseful and beautiful,but feel sadly.I love Jackie Chung's theme song. But I don't heard this song on Hongkong's theater...I feel to regrettable.

I think that A man and A woman is possess great inner strength people. But for war of fellow citizen, and frustration from the Occupation of Japanese(sorry...), they are moments away from break down heart....At Mr.Yee's lifetime of struggle, dedict herself to his femme fatal--not! young woman like a beautiful jewel? Novel's Mr.Yee think about Wang Chia-chih..."Alive, her body beloved to him; Dead,She was his ghost".this is occur mostly in middle-aged men's ego-trip....Males of! Crying or Very sad
But he lost it momentarily at the time of having obtained the treasure..Wang Chia-chih too...Perhaps, after August 1945, Mr.Yee dead by hanging...He should have lost last moment, Did he bring back to memory of that "Jewel woman"?

Oh, I find to chinese subtitle's mistake!  Japanese "料亭ryoutei" at 上海虹口地区Shanghai hongkou area, 一個酒鬼=a falling-down drunk military feed into Wang Chia-chih. "女将=OKAMI=proprietress" call him "SATOU Lieutenant-Colonel !". But Chinese subtitle is "SATOU Colonel"!
SATOU-SAN,Congratulations on your promotion!Smile Please chenge this word at making DVD... Rolling Eyes
From Hongkong with Love

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 4:42 am    Post subject:

Nancix, thank you for your first impressions of Lust, Caution. From your report, it sounds like it was an overwhelming experience. That many women were openly weeping in the theater is a testament that not only fanatic Tony fans like us, but many other people will be deeply moved by this powerful film. And to have gotten so much from it when you were having trouble at various points with the subtitles--that is a testament to the power of the acting and the careful work of Ang Lee as director, and all the other technical directors, to have crafted such a powerful film that does not rely exclusively on language to communicate. Although Tony was not a "glamour boy" in this movie, it sounds like he was able to immerse himself inside of a complex and multifaceted character, which is an actor's dream every time they take on a new dramatic role. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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Thanks for your account nancix** Smile
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