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PostPosted: Sat Feb 14, 2004 12:26 am    Post subject: 15 Dec 2003 Tony promoted Sound of Colors in Singapore

Tony and Miriam promoted Sound of Colors in Singapore

More photos and video at: (click the box of Sound of Colors)

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 14, 2004 12:28 am    Post subject: Interview with S'pore radio station Y.E.S. 933 - By Clariss

Interview with S'pore radio station Y.E.S. 933 - By Clariss

HI this is my translation for the interview…. Please bare with me cause this is my first time, and also my limited vocabulary. The whole interview lasted for 20mins

So here goes….

DJ : First of all let us congratulate Tony for winning the Best Male Lead in the Golden horse award!!

Tony: Thank You!

DJ: How do you feel about winning?

Tony: Of course I feel happy and excited.

DJ: How do you feel that about your performance in Infernal Affairs that eventually won you three Best Male Lead in three different award ceremony?

Tony: I guess it’s a teamwork effort and also luck because I am able to get to play Chan Wing Yan. This character has a lot of room to excel.

DJ: Have you got the chance to watch the Golden Horse Award?

Tony: No I didn’t cause I was busy shooting for a commercial…

DJ: Oh! Do you know that moments before the guest reveal the winner, the emcee went to the nominees’ area to interview Daniel Wu, Simon Yam and the most highly speculated Andy Lau. Asking them how they feel about their odds of winning. Then he continue asking the other emcee, Dodo to comfort them if they didn’t win.

Tony: Oh really? Erm… I feel that the Best Male lead belong to both of us (referring to Andy Lau). Both of our characters have a great room for excel. The director also gave us a lot of rooms….

DJ: I see… As all of us know, both you and Miriam are here to promote your new film Sounds of Colour. Just now I believe you have taken the our train in Singapore. How is it different from Hongkong.

Tony: There isn’t much difference except for the different location.

Miriam: I seldom take trains, I prefer driving.

Tony: It’s a very funny feeling because in the train, you can only see people and outside is pitch black. There’s nothing much to see.

Miriam: Same feeling. I prefer travelling in car.

DJ: What are your feelings of the movie, Sounds of Colour?

Miriam: Its more like a love story taken out from the comic.

Tony: It’s a very romantic movie. I hope that after watching the movie, people will have more hope in whatever things they do. I also want people to walk out from the cinema with a smile after watching.

DJ: Yes. Cartoon. Like we all know, the movie is taken from the comic by Jimmy. Do the both of your read comic?

Miriam: I have read Yue Liang Wang Zhi (Prince of the Moon, loosely translated) by Jimmy.

Tony: Of course I have read comic. When I was younger I read Lao Fu Zi. Then…erm…when I’m much older…er….I….er….read adult comic.

DJ: Adult comic? Ohh…..

Tony: No No not that type….its er… you know what I meant by adult comic…

DJ & Miriam : hahaha~

DJ: ok back to the movie. How did the both of you portray your character. Both of you had to act a blind character. How did you prepare yourself for the character?

Miriam: Previously I’ve watch Dong Jie’s Xing Fu Shi Guang. She acted a blind girl. The director also arrange us to go to the blind center to examine how the blind move around and their living habits.

Tony: Erm I guess with all the recent unhappy incident happening eg. The SARS case. I want people to feel more relax. To have more laughter. Therefore the character show how he walk out of depression and conquering his fears but not resigning to fate.

DJ: I see. Miriam, I believe that you have done quite a lot of romantic movies, Do you like romantic movies?

Miriam: erm… theres mix feeling. A lot of people feel that I’m suitable for romantic comedy. I like to do roles that people feel I’m suitable, people are comfortable seeing me in. Therefore give the character in Sounds of Colour, there are a lot dimension and room for exploring.

DJ: Wow~ a lot of fans are smashing and banging the window here. They are all the fans of Tony and Miriam. A lot of the staff heard that Tony are coming, they stayed back after work in order to have a glimpse of you….

Tony: (giggling) I am flattered.

DJ: How many award do you expect from Sound of Colour?

Tony: erm… I guess its not so much of award. Its more of the message I would like to deliver. I want the audience to have a lot of fun. Relieve their stress. Going back with hope.

DJ: ok… seems that recent year you have worked a lot with Wong Kai Wai.

Tony: I feel very comfortable working with him and learn a lot from him. He is very inspirational.

DJ: So hows the progress of 2046?

Tony: ( sound like he is blushing) soon…soon…

DJ: Its quite comical here… last year you were here promoting Chinese Odysseys 2002…

Tony: Yes I was here for Chinese Odysseys….

DJ: We were talking about 2046. This year you are here for Sound of Colour, and we are still talking about 2046…

DJ & Miriam : (laughing)

Tony: (laughing) erm…ya its finishing soon… there are still a few scene here and there.

DJ: Are we able to see 2046 during Chinese New Year?

Tony: erm… I hope so. Well you know, I doesn’t have much say…. (laughing)

DJ: hahaha~ or must we wait till the following Chinese New Year

Tony: (giggling) Well I hope not….

DJ: So Miriam, what are your recent plans?

Miriam: I’ll still be concentrating on singing. The company is preparing for the next album….

DJ: In Sound of Colour, both of you did a duet. How do you feel singing together for the first time? (clearly the stupid DJ didn’t do her homework)

Tony: oh no. It’s the second time. The first time was during My Lucky Star.

Miriam: Tony can really sing well. His voice is very captivating.

Tony: laugh~ Miriam sing well too.

DJ: ok so anything else both of you will like to say to your fans regarding the movie?

Tony: erm… what to say? Sound of Colour is a romantic and heart touching movie. To pay attention to the lines in the movie, its very touching. I guess of all the movies, I like romantic movies the best. So I wished all of you a romantic Christmas!

Miriam: If you want you’re the other half to love you more, bring him/her to watch Sound of Colour and of course pay attention to the lines in the movie.

DJ: Thank you for both of your precious time. We wished you both the best and a great box office for Sound of Colour. Ok lets listen to the Soundtrack from Sound of Colour performed by Elva Hsiao.

the track was played.... less than 2 mins, the Dj cut in and said " We juz got hold of the deut performed by Tony and Miriam. so lets enjoyed!

my thoughts : I feel that the whole interview forcus more on Tony. Can tell that with recents incidents like 911, america-iraq war, SARS, death of so many celebrities, He doesn't want human beings to feel dishearted. He wants to deliver the hope message. Whenever theres hope, people will be motivated. I feel that being a artist is no longer a highly paid job with a lot of publicity. As a publice character, an artist bears social responsiblilties to a certain extent. I guess a successful actor, not only is recognize in his works, being awarded from various International Award ceremony, but also able to motivate others, able to lead others the help the needy. Clearly our dearest Tony Leung has done it!
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 14, 2004 12:34 am    Post subject:

Love is blind

Award-winning actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai takes on a new challenge, playing a blind man in Sound of Colors. MAJORIE CHIEW was in Singapore to meet Leung and his co-star Miriam Yeung.

WHAT is a world without sight? For the visually challenged, their world is made up of sounds that colour their lives. Sound of Colors, a Cantonese romance story for Christmas starring Hong Kong mega star Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Miriam Yeung as blind lovers, also offers glimpses into the colourful world of the blind.

“It is unlike the standard romance movies. There’s a fairy tale twist to it,” says Leung who was in Singapore with Yeung to promote the movie last Monday.

“When you see the movie, you’ll feel as if you’ve eaten marshmallows,” he says in Cantonese. Emphasising the word “marshmallows” in English, he mimics savouring the heavenly delicacy with eyes closed, as if to say: “O, what a great feeling!”

Leung reckons that it is easy to dismiss the movie as another love story.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Miriam Yeung co-star as blind lovers in Sounds of Colors
“But, it’s different,” he assures. “The movie’s very special,” he says of the film which took two months of filming in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Sound of Colors , a Joe Ma Wai Ho film based on the illustrated storybook of the same title by best-selling Taiwanese author/artist Jimmy Liao, features two couples who found love while travelling on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR).

Leung and Yeung portray a couple that fate brought together, thanks to the matchmaking efforts of a jolly angel, played by Taiwanese actor Fan Chih-Wei (nominated for best leading actor in Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards for Best of Times). The other couple are played by Chinese actress Dong Jie (Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl and Happy Times), who portrays a Shanghai girl falling for a Taiwanese guy, played by Taiwanese actor Zhang Zhen of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon fame.

In the movie, Yeung plays York, a blind girl who loves taking the MTR and shopping in the supermarket. Leung plays Keung who owns a dating agency. Even though York lives near Keung’s office both never got to know each other even though they cross path while taking the MTR.

One fateful day, York shows up at Keung’s office with a handout she has picked up at the MTR station. She came to look for a dancing partner for her father but Keung who is eager to make business decides to convince her to look for a boyfriend. Keung poses as York’s new date, Ngau. Surprisingly, she falls in love with him on their first meeting.

Keung decides to play along and continues seeing York. One day, Keung sends York a Christmas card and she is overjoyed to receive it. Little did she know that an angel has gingerly entered her life.

The Christmas card is no ordinary card. An angel has cast a magic spell on two Christmas cards and they fall into the hands of two different men (one of which is Keung) and thus, trigger two extraordinary journeys of love – one in Hong Kong and another in Shanghai.

One day, Keung drinks a special diet juice to lose weight but becomes blind instead. York becomes Keung’s mentor and teaches him survival skills. She teaches him how to see the world in another perspective. Soon, he discovers that he can see things clearly without the need for eyes.

This is Leung’s first time playing a blind man.

Asked how he prepared for his role, Leung said: “I visited a school for the blind to speak to the students as well as their instructors.

“In my research, I met some people who became blind at birth as well as those who lose their sight later in life. I asked them about their feelings and their difficulties in getting on with their daily lives.”

According to him, it was not easy pretending to be blind.

“Some people say that when one blinks (while acting as a blind person), that’s a dead give away. I tried hard not to blink. However, in reality, blind people do blink once in a while,” he says.

Yeung emphasises that the blind are not exasperated folks.

“Blind people are very calm when doing things. They listen and think before making their moves,” she says. Like her leading man, she too had to research for her role in a blind school

Rumours in the Chinese dailies overseas reported that Leung was not happy with Yeung’s acting in their earlier film, My Lucky Star, because of different approaches. Yeung is supposedly the happy-go-lucky type, a trait that somewhat affects her acting, while Leung takes his role very seriously.

Leung denies the rumours. “It’s all media hype to sensationalise a story to sell papers,” he says.

He explains, however, that they probably hit it off better in Sound of Colors because “they were more open to each other’s views and thus, compliment each other better.”

To another gossip that Yeung was constantly laughing at him while filming the movie, Leung did not appear perturbed. He merely retorts with a smile: “Well, she livens things up.”

asked about Turn Left, Turn Right, another movie based on the illustrated love story by Jimmy Liao starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Gigi Leung, Leung says he can draw similarities in the story with his own life.

“In the story, the character is lonely and live in the city. He is like my own character,” says Leung.

On an incident reported by Chinese gossip tabloids that he once reluctantly signed an autograph for Liao in a book store in Taiwan several years ago Leung explains: “I was in a book store looking to buy a book. You know how it is when you’re caught unawares. Browsing for the right book can be a headache and I wasn’t mentally prepared when he (a total stranger) approached me for an autograph.”

Leung says he has since met Liao and has read Liao’s books and likes Sound of Colors best.

This year, Leung appeared in The Hero, Infernal Affairs III and Sound of Colors which he finds too much of a strain.

”To be involved in many movies tend to zap away your energy. You need time to be yourself and to lead a normal life. You need to regain your stamina, to have your sanity back and to do the things you like.”

“This has been a difficult year. However, it’s a year full of praise as well and (overall) I’m happy.”

In the public’s eye, Leung has achieved monumental success this year by winning two major film awards – the best actor award for Infernal Affairs at the Hong Kong Film Awards in April and recently, the Golden Horse Awards 2003 for the best actor for the same film.

In Sound of Colors, Yeung feels Leung is “a very experienced actor and is able to lead her in her role”.

Her role involves delving deeper into emotions.

“I feel that I have to act from the heart,” says Yeung, looking candy sweet and attired in a sleeveless tee-shirt and sporting aubergine-coloured hair.

“Moreover, the character is of a young girl and I have to get into the mood.”

Asked what is the most touching scene in the movie, she says: “It’s the scene in which Tony’s character regains his sight but did not tell his girlfriend. He still pretends to be blind and woos her in all sincerity. I was so touched,” says Yeung who is also a recording artiste.
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