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1. Deleted scene: Room 2046 (Chapter One - The Secret of Room 2046)

WKW commentary: "The hotel setting was actually an old hospital for British soldiers. After the 1997 handover, they all departed and left it vacant. I saw that place and felt it resembled the buildings of 1950s Hong Kong. I heard it was to be torn down and felt that would be a waste. I decided to shoot there so it would be preserved on film. We redecorated the patients' quarters so they looked like hotel rooms. We first began shooting here, in this location. I thought at the time that ITMFL could begin here. At the time, I thought the story would begin here. I shot as much as I could. I was afraid they'd tear down the building and I'd have to start over. I don't know why, but afterwards I felt the things I shot weren't quite right. So we went back to reshoot. ITMFL was supposedly nearly done, but it took 15 months to finish. During those 15 months, we went back there 5 or 6 times. Each time we made some changes. Like the room number. Originally it was 307. Later it was changed to 2046. At first their motive for going there was simple. They just wanted to take a look. But then I thought about it: If Mr. Chow were a cunning person, then this could be a trap."

Maggie is resting the side of her head on the window pane while Tony is staring out of the window blankly. Both have stone faces before Tony turns his gaze at Maggie, while Maggie's eyes look down. Then she looks at him before walking away from the window. Tony still looks pensively before he lets down the blinds. The curtains are then drawn closed. [This scene is in the movie.]

They are both sitting on the edge of the bed facing the camera. Tony unbuttons his shirt and takes off his dress shirt, while Maggie unbuttons the shoulder of her red cheongsam. Again, both their faces are emotionless and still except the eyes. Then he gets up to take off his belt and unzips his pants before taking them off. He's wearing a simple pale blue boxers. Maggie looks up and around awkwardly. He then takes off his tank top. They fidget awkwardly, looking reluctant and passive. They turn their faces toward each other, with their mouths close. But they can't kiss.

Maggie: "I can't. You don't look like my husband, and I don't look like your wife."
Tony scoots closer to Maggie while Maggie puts both her hands on the opening of the cheongsam on the shoulder.
Tony: "I don't know how they were able to do it."
Tony puts his tank top back on. It's flipped inside out and he's wearing it backwards with the clothing tag visible on his chest. Maggie falls back on the bed with her hands on her face, as Tony is still sitting on the edge of the bed.

Tony grabs the key from the manager at the front desk and proceeds to walk up the stairs. He's wearing sunglasses and a suit. He's in the room, closes the door, turns on the light. A paper bag of medicines is thrown on the bed, where the medicines spill out. He places several bottles of pills on a tray. He takes off his jacket and hangs it in the closet. He lights up a cigarette. Loosening his tie, he goes to the window to close the blinds. Then he's lying in bed swallowing a whole bottle (I would guess 8 ounces) of liquor or medicine.

Maggie runs up the hotel stairs, wearing a red coat over the black and white cheongsam. She pauses at top of the stairs over by the balcony, looking as if she is questioning herself whether she is doing the right thing. Tony is staring blankly out the window before there is a knock on the door. The right corner of his mouth ever so slightly turns up. [This part of the scene is in movie.]

Tony is lying on the bed as Maggie walks over to him. The view is from behind Maggie and Tony is seen off to the right of Maggie standing facing him.
Maggie: "Take this medicine first. Take your time. Slowly."
He sits up to take the medicine from Maggie.
Tony: "Thank you."
Maggie kneels down to pick up something and rises back up.
Tony: "You can leave a bit early. It's late."
Maggie: "I'll come again tomorrow."
Tony: "No need. I'll be all right after some rest."
Maggie is picking something off the dresser.
Maggie: "I'll bring you some food. What would you like?"
Tony: "Whatever."
Maggie: "Then I'll leave now. Get some rest."
Tony: "Call me when you get home. You don't have to talk, Let it ring 3 times, then hang up." Maggie: "All right."
Maggie has her purse on her arm and walks away a bit.
Maggie: "Why have you come back to this room?"
Tony is seen from his back and reflected in the dresser mirror. "So I can warn myself."
Maggie is out of view. "Why?"
Tony: "I don't want to be like them. I know you can handle this. But I've begun to doubt myself. I don't want to give myself too many chances to see you. That's why I'm hiding here. I didn't think you would come."
Maggie is standing in front of dresser while Tony is still sitting on the edge of the bed. She's fondling a scarf. "We'll never be like them. See you tomorrow."
Camera point of view switches to down by Maggie's legs focusing up on Tony. "See you tomorrow." Maggie walks out and closes door behind her. [This scene is a variation of one in movie where part of the discussion occurs with Maggie in the hallway and Tony at the door.]

Maggie, in a green/black cheongsam, is in front of a window with rain pouring outside. We see her profile. Tony walks up to her.
Tony: "Let's go."
Maggie: "May I have a cigarette?"
Tony hands her one and lights up her cigarette. After Maggie takes a few puffs, Tony puts a cigarette in his mouth. She walks away from the window. Meanwhile, Tony is still standing toward the window as he lights his cigarette. By the door, Maggie turns around to face Tony's back.
Maggie: "I don't want to go home tonight."
Tony turns his head slightly then looks back out at window before taking another puff on his cigarette. Through a window with the blinds down but open (and raining still streaming down the glass), Maggie is moaning and groaning. But neither are in focus through window.

Maggie and Tony are in the taxi with the shot from the back of the taxi. Tony places his left hand on Maggie's hand and clasps it. From the view of the back of the taxi, Maggie leans her head on Tony's shoulder.

There is a red heart pendant necklace resting on a piece of clothing.

WKW: "I remember a scene in the movie 8 1/2. It was with the director. They were shooting in a hotel, and he walked all around at night. Then he went to the art director's room. The art director was there, happily making costumes. During the shooting of my movie, the same thing happened. I walked into William Chang's room, and he was happily making cheongsam too. Among the cheongsam, there's a special one. Once, when we were looking for garments, we found something bought in Argentina. We were shooting Happy Together at the time. The garment had a 60s look and pattern so we altered it into a cheongsam for Maggie. This dress was very special. I kept it and didn't use it. We waited a long time. For this scene, we felt we should use it." (The cheongsam is entirely black on the back except the neck collar is half black and the other half has a pattern of an illustrated branch with leaves on a grid background. It has busy patterns with mostly green coloring and blocks with black borders. From another deleted scene from Postcards, the patterns can be seen. They are various leaves in different colors.)
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2. Deleted scene: Postcards (Chapter Two - Days in Singapore)

WKW: "When I was thinking of Chow Mo-wan, I was influenced in many ways by the writings of Mr. Liu Yi-chang. Most of his stories were about reporters in the '60s. In 'Intersection,' he wrote about a reporter remembering life in Singapore. And there's a story about durians which I felt was quite meaningful. It says there's a legend in Singapore: If a foreigner goes to Singapore and likes eating durian, he'll never go back to China. I felt it would be good to use it for Tony Leung's character. I shot this scene very early, pretty close to 5 AM. This was actually the last scene we shot in Thailand. Two or three hours later, we had to fly to Cambodia to shoot the last scene of the movie. Since we'd been working for more than 10 hours, we were all very tired. I can't recall how long we shot. It's just a short scene. I only remember Tony Leung ate a lot of durians."

Tony's hands are ripping a durian in half.

Titles read: "It had been two weeks since he arrived in Singapore. He went to visit relatives in Samba. They were farmers. He saw a lot of durians there and heard a lot of stories about them. His relatives told him: 'The durian is the king of all fruits. The newcomers who liked durians would never go back to China."

Tony is seen standing in front of a cabinet, cutting a durian with a knife. He's in a blue dress shirt (no tie) and black dress pants. He turns from the cabinet, putting the piece of durian in his mouth. He sits in a chair. He continues to eat the durian. He licks his right hand fingers, then continues to finishes the other piece of durian in his left hand.

Through a window covered with sheer curtains, Tony is seen sitting at a desk writing. His hand is writing a letter with a fountain pen. He licks a stamp and puts it on the postcard. Flipping the postcard over, he stands the postcard against the wall on the desk. Cigarette on the desk wafts smoke in the air. Tony pulls his head back, turning his face up to the ceiling. A shot of the postcard with a scene of a city plaza with buildings and parked cars in the center.

Meanwhile, the voice of a female radio disc jockey is heard: "The last letter we have is from Mr. Chow in Singapore. He wants to dedicate this song to Mrs. Chan. He wishes her a happy birthday today, and good health and a happy life. So let's all enjoy Zhou Xuan singing in 'Full Bloom.'"

The song is sung by a female singer. The amah holds the postcard in her hand, then enters the mahjong room. She says something (it's not subtitled and it's not in Cantonese). Maggie (in her black plaid on white cheongsam) is sitting on a stool in the kitchen with a glass in her hand and her back resting on the wall. She's breathing deeply.

Shot of the radio that pans to the postcard on the small table where the phone rests. Eyeglasses is on the postcard.

Big clock showing 12:04. A young woman knocks on Mr. Ho's office door. Maggie can be seen through the sheer curtains getting up from her typewriting position to open the door. She's wearing her daffodils cheongsame, while Miss Yu is wearing a patterned 60s dress (kind of wild).

Through the sheer curtains, Maggie is seen speaking with Miss Yu, who has shoulder length hair, wavy on the ends.

Maggie: "Whom are you looking for?"
Miss Yu: "Mr. Ho."
Maggie: "Are you scheduled to see him?"
Miss Yu: "I'm Miss Yu. Are you Miss Su?"
Camera POV back to facing door with Maggie standing at door and Miss Yu facing Maggie.
Maggie: "Yes, I'm sorry! I didn't recognize your voice. Just a moment please. Mr. Ho, she's here to see you. I'll go and make some tea."
Maggie opens the door a little more as Mr. Ho appears standing from his desk. He's holding a thin book which he closes and sets down on his desk. Maggie walks away out of the picture frame as Mr. Ho walks toward Miss Yu at the door way. Maggie is in a narrow passageway with small cabinet having thermos and cups on top. She is reading a newspaper as she is leaning against a glass wall.

Miss Yu is in Mr. Ho's arms as she is crying on his shoulders. She has her arms wrapped around him.

Maggie returns to office with cup in her hand, standing before the office door.

Different scene with Maggie in a horizontally striped black and white cheongsam. She's typing. Mr. Ho is standing and drinking from a glass. He sets his glass on his desk and sits down. He turns toward Maggie. Only Maggie's back is seen.

Mr. Ho: "Your husband is out of town again?"
Maggie: "No."
Mr. Ho turns back to his desk and holds a paper in his hands: "So why are you always staying so late? Go home early."
Maggie: "There's only a little left to do. I'll finish, then go."
Maggie: "Are you waiting for Miss Yu's call?"
Mr. Ho faces Maggie again: "I don't know if she'll call tonight. She's taking her exams right now."
Maggie: "So why don't you go visit her?"
Mr. Ho: "It's too far. If it were closer... I'll see if she comes back on her own."
Film frame is on Maggie's profile: "What if she never comes back?"
Mr. Ho: "Then I can do nothing about it."
Maggie: "You'll have no regrets?"
Frame over Maggie's shoulder focusing on Mr. Ho looking at Maggie: "I'm the one giving her the chance, so I can't have regrets."
Frame back on Maggie's profile as she resumes typing.
Frame back over Maggie's shoulder as Mr. Ho looks at his watch: "I think she won't call."
He gets up from his chair and grabs his jacket hanging off the back of his chair.
He puts on his jacket: "You lock up."
Maggie: "All right."
Before he gets out door, he turns back a little to pull from his inside jacket pocket: "Oh, I have something I want to give to you." He presents a yellow envelope-sized paper to Maggie.
Maggie: "What is it?"
Mr. Ho: "A boat ticket to Singapore. I noticed you haven't had a vacation in a long time. Go have some fun for a few days. Take it."
Maggie takes the ticket from Mr. Ho's hands.
Mr. Ho: "I'll tell your husband the company's sending you there. You can go or not. It's up to you."
Mr. Ho walks away, leaving film frame on Maggie's profile. She looks back in Mr. Ho's way and then looks uncertain.

Scene moves to the newspaper office, with one guy in thick-rimmed black glasses reading a newspaper. The others are playing mahjong: 3 middle-aged guys, including Ah Ping, and one woman with her back to the camera. Another man is standing at northwest corner of the game table watching the playing.

"You watch them do it." The phone rings and another man in the foreground rises and walks out of the frame of the film.
"Quickly, just do it a couple of times."
Frame still on the mahjong players as the voice of the guy off-camera says: "Singapore Post. Yes. You want Ah Ping? All right. Ah Ping! A call for you."
Ah Ping takes a drag on his cigarette before rising from his chair: "Thank you."
The man who answered the phone walks across film frame. Phone appears only a couple of feet from the game table.
Ah Ping, wearing a short-sleeved yellow dress shirt with a tie, lifts the phone receiver to his face: "Hello? Who's looking for Ping? Oh! It's you!"

Ah Ping sips tea from a small cup. He's wearing a plaid shirt: "I'll tell you a secret."
Maggie off-camera with frame still on Ah Ping: "What?"
Ah Ping is eating with chopsticks: "Once there was a girl who fancied me a lot!"
Maggie: "Really?"
Ah Ping: "She was just 17 then. She asked me to marry her."
Frame is on Maggie's face off the shoulders of Ah Ping. She's resting her head on her upright right hand. She's wearing the green/black-leaved cheongsam: "So why didn't you?"
Ah Ping: "Because I liked her sister more!"
Maggie isn't eating anything but appears to be squirming: "So what happened afterwards?"
Ah Ping: "We broke up. You know why I came to Singapore?"
Maggie: "She moved here?"
Ah Ping: "How did you know?"
Maggie: "Do you think you'll get her back again?"
Ah Ping: "No chance of getting anything? She's married!"
Maggie: "So why did you come here, then?"
Ah Ping: "Just seeing her would be good. That would be enough for me. Sometimes when I look back, I realize it isn't so bad now. If your heart's happy, that's enough. You don't have to be together. Don't you agree?"
Ah Ping is standing: "Shall I walk you back?"
Maggie walks into film frame with her purse on her right forearm: "No, thank you. I know the way."
She walks a bit away before pausing and turning her head 90 degrees back: "If you see him again one day, you don't have to tell him I was here."
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3. Deleted scene: The 70s (Chapter Three - In the Seventies)

Silhouette of woman walking through the same alley that Tony and Maggie would often meet. She appears wearing a white fur collared, brown coat and flower cheongsam and smoking on a cigarette. Her hair is parted down the middle and curled under on the ends. She pauses to look at the building wall.

The back of Mrs. Chow. The other woman (amah) Mrs. Chow is speaking to is blocked by Mrs. Chow's body.
Mrs. Chow: "This building is over 20 years old?"
Woman: "Yes."
Mrs. Chow: "It's been well-maintained."
Woman: "Madam really knows how to care for it. If Mr. Chan wasn't working abroad, she'd never want to sell it."
Door closes. Red-gloved hand locks the door.
Woman: "Madam is back."
Mrs. Chow turns her head back. The amah leans to the right. Mrs. Chow is holding a tea cup and saucer. Over the shoulders of Mrs. Chow and the amah, Maggie appears in the background.
Maggie: "What is it, Kwan?"
Kwan: "This lady came to see the apartment." Maggie approaches the ladies. She's wearing a camel-colored overcoat with wide, spreading collar over her shoulders. Underneath, she is wearing a black turtleneck with a brown patterned scarf tied at her neck. Her hair is parted down the middle and pulled back in a bun.
Mrs. Chow: "Sorry, I'm late."
Maggie: "That's fine. I also just came back." Amah walks away to the kitchen.
Mrs. Chow: "Are you very busy?"
Maggie: "Yes."
Mrs. Chow: "It's really tought when you immigrate, isn't it? Going through a health check, getting a citizenship card...Many things to do, right?" As she speaks, her head cocks back and forth coyishly sort of in a Chinese opera singer way.
Maggie: "How do you know?"
Mrs. Chow: "Your maid told me."
Maggie: "She talks too much. May I know your name?"
Mrs. Chow: "You can call me Lulu." She smiles.
Maggie: "You live alone?"
Mrs. Chow: "No. My husband's name is Chow. But I haven't gotten used to being called Mrs. Chow."
Maggie in a slight smile: "It's all the same anyway. Please come and have a seat." They walk through hallway. Coming around the corner, Mrs. Chow has a smug look on her face.
Maggie: "Please sit down. So what does Mr. Chow do?" Maggie bends down to the floor (to pick
Mrs. Chow: "He writes for a newspaper." Maggie has a look of connecting the dots between this woman and Mr. Chow.
Maggie rises: "What does he write about?"
Mrs. Chow: "He writes about everything. Novels, the economy, horse races, dining...anything."
Maggie in the background bending down again: "It must be hard work to write so much."
Mrs. Chow: "Yes, that's why we're looking for a place that's quiet." Maggie in the background lights up her cigarette.
Maggie out of the film frame: "How many will you be?"
Mrs. Chow: "Just two." Maggie re-appears closer to Mrs. Chow.
Maggie: "No children yet?"
Mrs. Chow walks away from the wall she was leaning against and away from Maggie: "Not this soon! Maybe later. Why haven't I seen your husband?"
Maggie: "Oh, he's checking on schools for our son, so he went first." Maggie faces and walks to the cabinet by the wall.
Mrs. Chow: "So it's just you here, alone? When will you go, then?"
Maggie: "As soon as I sell this apartment."
Mrs. Chow leaning over with back to Maggie: "So it could be a while." She rises and approaches closer to Maggie.
Mrs. Chow: "Is it possible you won't be able to part with this place?" Maggie turns to Mrs. Chow.
Maggie: "I've lived here so many years already. Why wouldn't I be able to sell it?" She walks away from Mrs. Chow to the window.
Mrs. Chow: "True. It's best not to leave behind anything you'd think about." Maggie is looking out window.
Mrs. Chow: "When can I show it to my husband?"
Maggie: "Whenever Mr. Chow is free. When we're both available." Mrs. Chow is touching a lantern. Mrs. Chow puts her hands back in her coat pockets: "It's so quiet here, he's bound to like it."
Maggie: "Maybe not. What if he thinks it's too old?"
Mrs. Chow looking at Maggie by the window: "He likes old things. Old things fit his tastes." She walks closer to Maggie. You can see Mrs. Chow wears more intense makeup: bright red lipstick, black eyeliner and brownish eye shadow with pencil thin eyebrows.
Maggie: "That's great, then." Maggie walks away from window. Mrs. Chow again has smug look on her face. She walks over to the window where Maggie was and looks out the window.
Mrs. Chow: "Can I seal the middle window?"
Maggie: "Why?"
Mrs. Chow looking out window: "It's inconvenient if people can see everything inside. The neighbors will always have something to gossip about. That's not good."
Maggie with cigarette still in her hand looking at Mrs. Chow's direction: "It's not so hard to seal it. But you should check with Mr. Chow. Maybe he'll like it as it is." Maggie turns away and sits down.
Maggie opens front door: "All right. If you need anything, you can call me anytime."
Mrs. Chow pauses at the doorway with one hand on the door frame and looks at Maggie: "Thank you very much."
Maggie: "Bye-bye." Maggie closes door.

Maggie bends down.
Amah appears: "Madam, dinner is ready."
Maggie: "If she calls agian, tell her the place has been sold." Maggie lights up a new cigarette.
Amah: "All right."
Maggie bends down to place lighter down. She walks to cabinet by wall. She picks up items on the cabinet. She turns around and sits down in a chair. She smokes her cigarette.

She is seated at a round dining table by herself. She's eating a bowl of rice. She's deep in thought.

Back to alley. Tony walks angrily. He turns around and walks back to where Mrs. Chow is standing. He's wearing a gray tweed jacket and amber sunglasses. He has a moustache. His wife is wearing a red beret-like cap, a vertically striped button front shirt and a brown leather jacket.

Tony has both his hands on his hips, elbows out.

Tony: "Why did you bring me here?"
Mrs. Chow says defiantly: "To see the apartment. You know that."
Tony: "Didn't you know I lived here before?"
Mrs. Chow: "How? How would I know your past?"
She walks away out of frame. Tony turns in her direction.
Mrs. Chow: "You never tell me anything. It's nice here. You lived here before."
Mrs. Chow looking in Tony's direction: "Why can't you live here now?"
Tony draws closer to her and rests his hand on the building: "Did Ah Ping tell you?"
Mrs. Chow steps closer: "What would Ah Ping tell me?"
Mrs. Chow raises her voice and yells in quick tones: "You can't tell me yourself?! I'm the one who's sleeping with you now. Not her! Why does Ah Ping know more than me? What is it you can't tell me? I know you still think about that woman so I've bought you to see her! Go on up, she's going to leave soon."
Tony: "It's none of your business!"
Mrs. Chow: "Why isn't it my business? You and I are together." They're yelling at each other. She turns away from him in a huff.
Tony in a scolding tone: "It's you who wanted to be with me. I didn't ask you to follow."
Mrs. Chow turns around to face Tony: "I know. It's me who's sticking to you. And all these years you've never said you loved me. I'm afraid I'm in your way. So now I'm giving you a chance." She's clearly mad.
Mrs. Chow steps closer to Tony as Tony has his hands back on his hips. She screams at him: "Go up there if you love her so much! Why aren't you going? Take her away! Her husband isn't even there. It's better if you leave now, so I can forget all about you."
She turns around, then turns back toward Tony closer.
Mrs. Chow: "I'm telling you, if you aren't brave enough to go there tonight, don't ever think about her again."
Tony rushes at her, grabs her arms and shakes her slightly. He screams back at her: "I don't need you to choose for me."
Tony softening his tone a bit: "I didn't start anything with you. You have no right to say this."
Mrs. Chow breaks free from Tony's hold and utters: "Uuugh!"
Tony walks past Mrs. Chow, while she is breathing heavily in a huff.

Maggie, in a long red coat with fur trim on the collar and cuffs and black shoes with low heels, walks down to the noodle vendor place. She has a black handbag hanging on her right shoulder. She goes down the stairs with her left hand running on the building wall. Tony is walking down the building stairs.

Maggie brushes her fur collar with her left hand with gaze down. She turns around and stares forward. It's Tony she sees. They stare at each other as the thick steam from the food blows between them. They say nothing.

Camera pans across the dresser with items of nail polish, hair brush, table lamp, perfume, comb, black hand bag and a multi-colored polka dot suitcase on top.

Maggie: "Have you found a school for Yung-san? Where is it? That's very close by! I've sold the apartment. No, but they wanted the furniture too. Since it's all so old, I decided to give the furniture to them. There's nothing I can't part with here. What about you? I'll come when I'm done with the application. How is the weather there? Hong Kong? It's very cold in Hong Kong. It's nothing. That's all for now. I don't want to talk. Bye." Maggie is standing in front of dresser, talking on the phone. She's wearing a 70s type button front blouse with blue-toned vertical stripes on black background. She's stroking a crystal figurine with her right hand.

She puts the phone down to hang up. She touches her left ear (possibly to put her ear ring back on), then turns to walk away from dresser.

Her head is resting on the sofa arm as she is lying sideways down. She has her right hand on the same sofa arm. Cigarette in an ashtray on a side table billows smoke up in the air. She looks on blankly until she closes her eyes.

WKW commentary: "There was actually another scene after the ones in Singapore. It's some years later, and they meet again in Hong Kong. The year is 1972. Many things have changed, including their appearances. By that time, Mrs. Chan no longer wears cheongsam. They're not fashionable anymore. She wears Western dresses or skirts. Mr. Chow likes to be in bell-bottoms. He probably has a moustache. At this point, he has a new woman, a singer from Singapore. Actually during the shoot, the characters are changed a lot, but one thing was always certain: these two wouldn't be together at the end. Although they meet again several years later, they know they've changed because time has passed. And they can't start over again."
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2003 8:24 pm    Post subject: Fourth deleted scene

4. Deleted scene: The Last Encounter (Chapter Four - The Secret Reunion in Angkor Wat) (no WKW commentary)

Tony is bent over on a base of a temple looking through a camera set on the base. He's wearing sunglasses in blue short-sleeved dress shirt (no tie) and dress pants.

Tony speaking in English "Just stay still, okay. Ready. Let's gooooo."

He moves quickly to a group of 5 other guys sitting on a temple structure. There are 4 Caucasians and 1 Cambodian (?) at the very back. Tony sits back in front of the group. One guy behind Tony is pouring a small bottle of beverage into the open mouth of the other guy behind Tony and ends up pouring it on top of the guy's head.

Caucasian guy in sunglasses, behind Tony, yells in Cantonese: "Hey you forgot the lens cap! Aiyah!"

Tony scurries back to camera to remove lens cap. The guys start to sing something.

Tony in English: "Okay one more time."

Tony scurries back to the group. The frame stays on the camera.
As it clicks, the group yells: "Yay!"

At another temple with a woman at the top level with the camera angle from the bottom.
"It's really beautiful. Come over here. Don't be scared."
Another woman, wearing a white hat, appears next to her. She waves another woman out of the frame close to her. The two women pose before a temple column while the other woman with the hat takes their picture.

Back to the group of guys. The camera angle is behind the Asian guy who's at a higher level than the group several levels below him, but off ground level. Tony is posing with two of the Caucasian guys who are wearing hats. Another guy is sitting several feet from the group.

Asian Camera guy: "One. Two."
Tony: "Hey, hey, hey! You haven't wound the film!"
Camera guy: "That's right."

The previous group of 3 women are seen in the distance walking on ground level past under them. Maggie is trailing the group of 3 women. Then frame is on a woman in a short-sleeved shirt and skirt walking across. In different temple setting, the guys are still taking pictures with two guys posing together. Tony is sitting the farthest from them in front, several feet away. The woman in skirt and shirt approaches Tony.

She asks in English: "Will you take a picture of us?"
She hands him the camera and walks away. He takes the camera and takes a drag on a cigarette. He drops his cigarette to the ground, stands up and holds the camera in one hand and carries his jacket on the other arm. He follows the woman to another place. Frame is on his face. He has a trace of a moustache and goatee. He stops and pauses. Maggie appears, wearing a sleeveless cheongsam with red squiggly maze on white background. Later in another scene, it can be seen the dress is just above her knee in contrast to her earlier cheongsams hitting below the knee.

"Mrs. Chan, stand in the middle."

He recognizes her. He looks down. Puts the camera to his right eye.
Tony in English: "One, two, three."

Both Maggie and Tony are out of the frame, with shots of temple walls. Their voices have an echo tone.
Tony: "I almost didn't recognize you. I thought it was a Japanese woman who looked a lot like you. Why'd you come to Cambodia?"
Maggie:"I came with my husband. He's going to do business here, so they came to check the place out.
Tony: "They're not afraid of the war?
Maggie: "I don't think so.
Tony: "Why haven't I seen him here?"
Maggie: "He's still in Phnom Penh, settling business. His boss' wife is bored, so we came here to visit."
Finally Tony and Maggie appear walking in a high-ceiling temple from a distance. Tony is carrying his jacket in his right hand, while Maggie has a purse on her left arm and holding a tissue/napkin in her hands.
Maggie: "Have you been here long?"
Tony: "It's been some days now."
Maggie: "For work?"
Tony: "Yes." They stop and turn towards each other.
Maggie: "Is it fun being a reporter.
Tony: "How do you know I'm a reporter?"
Focus closes to body length.
Maggie: "Ah Ping told me."
Tony: "Have you seen him?"
Maggie: "No, he just asked me to help get him some boat tickets." Maggie blots her nose with a tissue. They resume walking.
Maggie: "He's getting married soon."
Tony: "I know. His wife is quite pretty. She's Miss Singapore." Tony is smiling as is Maggie. They stop again to face each other. Maggie is sporting the same hair style in the last scenes of ITMFL.
Maggie: "I never would've predicted that!"
Tony: "Yes."
Maggie: "How about you? Do you have a girlfriend?"
Tony: "I've been running back and forth so much lately, there's been no chance. If you know anyone good, could you introduce me?"
Maggie: "All right, I'll help you look for someone. Where are you going next?"
Tony: "Back to Vietnam. If you're in the area, come and visit me."
Maggie: "All right!"
A voice from a distance calls: "Mrs. Chan!"
They both look back towards a large doorway.
Turning back to looking at each other, Maggie says: "I have to go."
Tony: "I won't keep you. I hope I'll see you again." He extends his right hand to shake.
She grabs his hand to shake: "See you again."
Camera pulls back some distance away as Maggie turns to walk back the other way. Tony stands. Frame is on his face profile. He looks down. Then he turns his face toward Maggie's direction.
Tony:"Hey. I've wanted to ask you something for a long time. Did you ever call me?"
Maggie faces in Tony's direction. She pauses a moment to answer: "I don't remember."
She turns away and walks. Frame is on Tony's face as he is still looking in Maggie's direction. His face is fairly expressionless except for slight quickening of his eye blinking. Then his eyes look down and he seems to have a resigned sigh.

[In the Toronto press conference, Tony comments that this Angkor Wat scene was great, while Maggie agrees that it was a nice scene. Tony says that after the scene, he almost cried. Then he lets out a sigh.]

A little boy monk in orange robe is sitting on the steps before an entry way.

The hole where Tony whispers his secret. He places the red heart pendant in the hole. He looks in contemplation before whispering into the hole. The boy monk looks on at Tony whispering into the hole. Same scenes of Angkor Wat and Tony walking away as in the movie.
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