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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:54 am    Post subject: 28 Jun 2011 Tony met with overseas fans

Tony met with overseas fans, see Safran's report below. To know more about Safran's adventure in Hong Kong, check it out at:

Thanks Safran for her sharing!
June 28 th - Meeting T o n y Leung Chiu wai - our idol !

(First I have to correct some mistakes ( Thank you Eri)
There were still 5 of us, when taking place on the comfortable sofas. Later Marissa, „A“ and Garfield gradually arrived. Cisca also manage to take part ultimately -before her departure to Macao

„ Tony will join us in about 20 minutes „.............These words made me happy and anxious at the same time - my heart is beating fast.
It was said Tony is in a hurry and will not have very much time – about half an hour probably, cause he has to depart from HK still this evening.

I/we quickly frequented the lavatory – a look into the mirror......a trerrible dishevelled sight........“why oh why.........“ ( women allover of the world will understand)
Finally I motivatad myself remembering my reason to come here – and Tony´s words : ….. „but I´ll try my best“. He definitely did his best and could manage to come - though his very tight schedule ! I should be grateful and try my best – be happy to meet my idol - and forget self-pity, this shallow and irrelevnt moaning …...I partly managed.

When we 5 returned from lavatory, my friends allocated Anny and me on the sofa with our back to the room/entrance - Info, Eri and Masako took place opposite of us - with sight into the room. Strong rain was pouring down the big windows next to us.
We order some drinks (me a glass of red wine ) …..and a few minutes later, I watched something arousing the attention of my friends oppisite of me – I could not see …..but knew : Our idol is entering the room !
Determined reaching our place, I see Tony, my from afar admired idol, the very first time in real life.- from face to face.Entering the scene, he is present - and authentic.
Tony Leung Chiu wai ! if just descended from the big screen. …..dressed in „casual style „- how he likes private. Jeans, blue chequered- pattern shirt, white rain-jacket, his comfortable grey shoes - and a blue baseball cap – as cover (which he quickly took off)
He looks incredible young and fresh – nearer to 40 than to 50 – radiating inner strength and calmness – is simply breathtaking beautiful .
Tony, naturally and friendly shaking everybody´s hands - with a warm smile on his face and in his wonderful eyes – ice-breaking. His heartily greeting is unaffected - genuine and coherent – you simply have to love him from first moment on. He makes you feel YOU – not anybody or nobody – no, you – as a person on the same level !
Seeing my glass of red wine he comments humorous „Oh, I see – in holiday-mood !“ (Guess meanwhile our three HK- fan fellows : Marissa, Garfield and A..already arrived.)

Suddenly and unexpected Tony leaves our group …....silence on our table......I could not turn around – or figure out where he went to ....
(Here I suggest to read Eri´s following comment)
Returning some minutes later, Tony takes place on my left side (so planned by my fellows) – a kind and honourable gesture - I appreciate, but makes eye contact and conversation a bit difficult also.
Attentively Tony askes again, whether we are well provided with drinks....-for himself he orderes an alcohol-free green drink (herbs,fruit ?).
We friendly denied, when he asked us whether we are hungry.......(how could we be hungry in this moment !) - but later, two „3-storey-dishes“ (?) with delicious petit- fours and delicacies - were served (he ordered before). He mentioned not to be hungry either – and shows us a foto from his - today self-prepared meal - on his handy.
As perfect „host“ he always finds some kind words and interested questions for all of us - to bridge laps in the conversation.
My Japanese friends he asked about the recent situation in Japan - after 3/11. Asked if he has experiences with earthquakes.....,he affirms and if he was scared then, he denies – cause in his sight fear does not help and makes no sense in such situation.
To me he adresses :„I guess we should have met in Tokyo two years ago....“..... and wanted to know how long my flight from Austria was......( he mentions not to like long-distant-flights...) - so my next question whether he would like to spend his winterholidays (he likes snowboarding) in Austria somewhen – was quite stupid. Though Tony friendly explained to prefer winterholidays in Hokkaido – cause of the nearer distance – and he likes to meet some good friends there …...Then proceeding this topic with Marissa in Cantonese , he tells about some unpleasant flight-experiences. Spoken on his current haircut (he dislikes apparently) he also answers very down-to-earth: „ if it is needed for a role......there is no choice- it has to be.....“
He mainly talked in English – and with our HK Ladies, he -undertandably- prefered Cantonese.
Cisca also managed to join us meanwhile – now we were a table of 10 persons ultimately.

You might criticize, but caused of excitement or nervosity....., our questions were probably not as intelligent, interesting and groundbreaking as intended.......
Nevertheless -Tony was a patient and amiable coloquist – and we hang on his every word.
More and more we felt comfortable – in my point of view, Tony felt quiet well too - was in a good mood – often laughing spontanously (see Info´s foto in forum)
Telling him we visited a Karaoke-Bar the day before, to watch his music-videos only: he - playing ashamed - buries his face in his beautiful hands -and laughed heartily. He confessed, not to like his all.
In this – relaxed atmosphere, I felt a sudden annoying cough-attack. The more I tried to suppress – the worse. How to leave the scene quickly ? I did not want to disturb Tony, talking on my left - so I tried the narrow way right, next the window.... - much too narrow - a bad mistake ! I heard falling glasses.........became desperate.....and somehow managed to flee urgently – passsing the nearby standing, stoic „bodyguard“ (?)..... along the green, grass-planted wall - in direction lavatory.
What a shame ! I hated myself and did not want to return. Some caring fellows persuaded me to come back again with the words: „Noooo problem.....these things simply happen.....not the first time for Tony.........“ At last - not to worsen the situation the more -for all, I followed them back. The table was cleaned already.... – and all took it very easy. We continued our conversation with Tony, as if nothing had happened. Not untill some minutes later, I noticed: Info´s and Masako´s white jackets were ruined with some flecks of red wine ! – I still regret.
(Maybe my fellows will be able to add some more topics and details........I missed or forgot)

Time flies...- all too fast, unfortunately.....and we already talked with Tony about an hour – much longer than planned. We regret and did not want to realize, but Tony had to leave soon. Info reminded us to hand -over our gifts, if we like – I almost forgot.
In the adjoining room - not to attract to much notice of the other guests -and though in a hurry, our dear idol made the time for us to shoot a foto with each of us. Unfortunately there was no more time for a group-foto with Tony – but we later did one from us happy/sad „girls“.
( Probably Info could post – if all agree )
Our beloved idol friendly received our little presents , paid the bill - and friendly greeting he made his exit.----------------------------------------------

BTW: In Forum I later found the foto from 28 th in the evening: Tony and Carina on HK Airport – departing for India. He really was in a big hurry !

As sudden as our idol appeared - he disappeared from the picture – somehow it was unreal. I felt like awaking from a dream, or after „The End“ in Cinema, when the light is switched on.
Cisca , Garfield, and A., were in a hurry too - so we had to say one more „Good bye“ to our kind fellow fans.

For a worthy ending of this memorable day, Info, Marissa and we „Fabulous 4“ went to the „Goldfinch“- Restaurant. It is the shooting location of „ In The Mood For Love“ (Maggie and Tony dining and talking about their unfaithful partners...) A nostalgic „east-meets-west“ Restaurant - in styling and kitchen - and a „must“ for ITMFL-lovers like us.

Having our farewell-dinner in adequate ambience - and watching a big Tony & Maggie-movie poster on the wall next to us, we spent a beautiful last evening together !

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28 June 2011 Tony and Carina departed for India

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