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PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2005 8:38 pm    Post subject: Days of being wild - the last scenes made the film whole...

Today in this site in another thread I wrote about the meaning of the last scenes of Days of being wild...and that turned to be brief review of the film, Days Of Bing Wild (hereafter DOBW)...then I would like to post the thoughts about the last scenes again in this review thread. In this review thread, I added some thoughts to the thoughts I wrote/post in another thread in this site today some minutes ago.
Firstly, I cannot stop wondering if WKW intended to continue writing or saying in two different films ... DOBW...and Happy together.
I believe that both films reflected some humane nature by making contrast between yuddi and the smirk/win and lai...trying to say that there msut be always a way to live in keeping goodness so as to remain humane as humane even under any helpless situations, so as to let you avoid giving into any compromise to evilness or ruthless which are merely escapes from and cunning numbness towards humane originally designed sensitivity to others while only exaggerating/focusing on his/her sort of "pains".

On the top of that.... I would like to give my ponder and thought relating to the meaning of important of the last scenes by Tony in DOBW...THAT MADE THE DOBW whole or that gives the whole meaning of the film itself that is firm in my thoughts.

The last scene is something splendid to be remarked renowned amongst all films in terms of the Tony's detailed exquisite delicate expression...that i believe....such as a very renowned fabulous short novel cannot fail to be recognised amongst critiques and audience.
Then, no wonder the cover of the movie showed Tony and that scenes deserve not only from the point of view relating the quality and excellence of Tony's expression but also relating the importance and weigh in order to understand the film, the days of being wild itself.
The meaning of the last scenes by Tony, as I wrote in this thread and I will stress again later in this writing, determines the nature of the film itself. The last scenes by Tony made the film complete and much worth in making contrasting the way of Yuddi and the smirk...(or win and Happy together..)that made the film the days of being wild whole...!!!!! that is something which i cannot fail to stress more when i think and write about DOBW....

Those Tony scenes made the whole film quite much worth to watch or to buy the DVD. Very Happy
This is not only from my fan royalty but my objective neutral film critique thoughts.

In fact, someone reported in this site about some audience in Chicago or somewhere in the USA. According to the report, after the audience watched the film, Days of being wild...when some of the audience were on the way to go home….leaving the theatre….the audience particularly mentioned and gave applause about the last scenes while wondering to seek to know the name of the actor of the last scenes of DOBW, (off course Tony Leung Very Happy ) even the audience in the USA did not know Tony all...

I myself, as I wrote already in this site, I was thrilled and relieved by the last scene when I watched the film DOBW for the first time in a theatre in Tokyo while ago. Off course at that time, I have already been a big fan of Tony but I was moved by the last scenes not only because of my fan royalty or deep affection for Tony but because of the hope that last scenes cast.

I think the scenes of Tony indicated that there is always a better way to let you move on in believing that there must be a good reason to stick with for being alive another day.....even that would be distant goal... so move on to live another day good for that reason...even if you are desperate or even if you cannot live you with your full potential or even you cannot be with someone you truly love and devote, right now.

(I am planning to write my full review of DOBW at some here and IMDB)

goodday all
have a goodnight dearest tony love Smile and all
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