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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 11:15 am    Post subject: (repost) 2046 - the delicate stint in possiblity of love

review of 2046 (re-post , the same review i wrote and post to the Tony Leung Movie in this site on 26th March 2005

2046 - the delicate stint in possiblity of love

In poignancy, what 2046 showed was the possibility of love.
Love can be emerged from damages in love, from scares or wounds he love that he wont leave or cannot leave....
then can be elevated to the extent that reaches to the universal humane love that shares joys and sorrows.

Again I shall say ....!
About the heart shivering expression of Tony Leung and the meaning of 2046... (Since I wrote several times about 2046… in imdb here).

The Tony’s expression in 2046 is quite something to be remembered as exquisite excellence amongst films of the world.

The delicate subtleness and strength of humane belief to live in universal good and love even in aches that reign all the scenes and the air of the film to express much broader sense of LOVE...

That is something to tell to the entire world at the very time when we all to be universally caring and reaching each other in love and peaceful constructive co-habitation on the globe.

I think the artistic expression by Tony Leung in 2046
made the point the movie tried to make in such broad sense
while Tony also sincerely emotionally delicately draws the picture of a man who lives in poignant of love with women he cannot be with
in a very much considerable and well-thought/nuanced good manner.

And the well-improvisational rhythms – like a tune by Coltrane Supreme Love- the serene strong beliefs in WKW's direction, as always,
the ache strolling CD's photographing,
as well as the WC's well-sting production design,
and music - esp such a great beautiful shadow and hope
in the score by Umebayahi,
...have been exquisitely sticking to their idea to tell
that is. off-course, spiritually all together well-harmonised with Tony Leung and the all other casts and stuffs.

2046 is a move to be seen not only a story in the scope of private love but in the scope of love of universal humanity....

And then you can reach the point the film tried to make with some scenes from some old news.

Man can be strong enough to love and give his/her love universally to others even s/he was/is wounded in heart... 

anyone cannot, probably, fail to do some good for others to share with and reach out some warmth in heart to others and others...
to love to live

And the completeness in expression of Tony Leung in 2046 is something
that is to be recognised as a remakable point of the film acting to reach...

no matter how he was with or without lines or moves,
every cut Tony expresses, every small important thing
reaches to the audience,
the very stint of waves from his heart...
moves and synchronises the audience

Since 1994, Chong qing sen lin
I have watched, trusted and believed that
the expression of Tony Leung has been advancing
and broadening the limit of the capacity of film acting...

And in the numerous films that Tony was participated in
since his start of acting,
unfortunately what I have watched cannot cover
the whole his acting carrier since 1983...though,
Tony Leung has kept and enhanced his exquisite quality
as an artist
made only from his genuine heart
of joy in his acting while
in crystalising what he wants to tell in each film.

And at the point of the 2046,
Tony Leung fully addressed his wholeness in his acting expression
at this stage.

That definitely deserves remarks
and should be recognised as some reaching point
what film and film acting expression can be done in the world.

And, that possibility of love Tony expression in 2046
and 2046 itself brought
and is going to bring some goodness
- the peaceful quiet co-understanding, constructive corporation,
tolerances with deep thinking
strong belief in achieving peaceful co-habitat with rational talks
in this world,
I believe.

7thclouds(mari t)
because of your sense of life
because of your sense of life
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