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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 11:08 am    Post subject: brief reviews of my favorite tonyfilms(same in the miscella)

My Tony movie my favorite 5 are...

Please see my comments/review in my posts in this forum
and my review in IMDB
Watching the film is feeling like living at the bottom of destroyed lake ....
In feeling the stint of the light of the possibility of love again...
Reviving process in the stint of the possibility of love and universal love

(For the movies that I count below, I have not written full-review and post yet and but I will to this forum and IMDB at some point!)

2.Chong qing sen lin (KOI SURU WAKU SEI - 恋する惑星)
The very first love in Tony.
The sweet indulge in living in the shadow of the days in searching the memories of kisses, touches of each other who loved at the same time and the same place....

The splendid edge in starting the new days for the humming of love

3. City of sadness (非情城市)
The overwhelming Tony's expression.
Pain, anger, modest joy in love, sadness and determination to live in humane dignity and belief under such irrational situation which forced everyone - I mean everyone whichever stands in the era - suppressed.

The humane grace in knowing the destination.
The Tony at the train station in this the one of the scene that I wonít forget in my whole life.

4. Happy Together (ブエノスアイレス)
I watched this film in 1997 or 1998...and last month again.
I have not written my full-review yet and I will write my review to movie review in this site and IMDB at some point...
I have different impression between the time when I watched before and this year (last month).
One thing I can say here is that...
The suppressed feeling and thick atmosphere which fully suffocated Tony, the film and audience were definitely crucial part of the film that gives audience the core of what WKW assumes love in the worst from.

Or say, there could be some sort of mal-catharsis even in the form of obsessions in non-mutual relationship. One always tears; other always cares.... and is happy? pretending happy?

And such persistent deep hot thick suffocations finally
leads to the real relief.
At the ending of the film
the beginning of the real mutual love
splendidly opens up with the melody.

Wonder, is everyone qualified to love and to be loved even without determining to give love but seek love from others?

I donít think so.

But still the former part of this film persistently pressed everyone to ask himself/herself,
is there any pocket for anyone to be indulged into giving into something irrational even in knowing its irrational?

Is there any pocket for anyone or everyone to seek someone who forces you to give in irrationally?

The answer is, for me, no.... but for anyone else, I donít know.

Such adhesive non-exit ponders was lashing in my mind...
The helplessness in such situation in this film's former part never leaves from my body even....with the feeling of suffocations and the certain anger against such irrationality in the form of pleasure in being, unfairly, exploited....
That was my impression when I watched this film in 1997 or 1998 firstly.

Actually, now I know, it was reflection of the real feeling of suffocations which all casts/stuffs had had in the process of filming....
I watched the documentary with huge alternative cuts, the Zero Centigrade and became to hard the filming situation and, like or not, that gives the film the sense of unceasing pressures.

( the way, in case if there is any risk of any misunderstanding...
Love exists between guy-guy or guy-girl/girl-girl that are all love. Off course.
Then I did not think of and did not think of mentioning about that know.... love is love matter how guy-guy or girl-girl or course! there is no difference between! no discrimination should be on any gay couple...discrimination on gay couples had emerged from certain unvocal motif in encouraging life-proliferation in seeking of supplying solders ...which is nothing do with love. as we all is nothing do with love)

5.Doctor Mack (uramachi no seija - 裏町の聖者)
Could have been criticised as sort of stero-typed hero movie
But I really love this movie
since the Tony was, (or shall I say the Mack was/is) very much determined in living with people who tend to be left behind AND he just wants to be just as he is with his maximum goodness for himself and all naturally. And all in all, Tony's existence in this film with his, I think, personality that avoids attentions or reputation but seeks what he wants to do as humane good and his expression details wisely naturally saved this film from something which is same old story.

I really like the warmth in this film.
Even such natural idealism and humane endeavour without strains may have been rarely seen in real world...still this gives hope in humane.

(5. The days of being wild)
5 -
Sound of Colours,
Infernal Affairs 1(have not watched 2 and 3 yet),
Tokyo Raiders, Seoul Raiders...
Xing nan xin nan di (tsukihono negai - 月夜の願い)....
Three Summers...etc...mmm..

*Somewhere between 2-7 or else...
In the mood of love...

The film is very much exquisitely vividly highly composed.
Each cut strictly sticks to each depth in aim to shoot one cut tells what, well say any film is or should be though.

Shall I call the film the beauty of the completeness in composition in filming.

The Tony is the quite different Tony that I also cannot stop loving.
The Tony was just like a body function.
In the mood of love, Tony was in the middle of the process of digestion of his hate and anger in his body. The hate leads to, maybe sadly, strong will to search the answer to his why.
At the end of the day, what the Tony, or Chow, meant to reach was that some sort of understanding in struggling to see the point where the woman he loved had wrongly reached, such irrationality.
On the way in reaching to the point, Chow diverted his way and found himself in reaching to his rationality.
Tony, Chow, finds that, in digesting hate/anger, aiming at reaching to the point of irrationality is no use since Tony wants to love, not hate. He wants to love in rationality.
But he faced with another why at the time when he thought he found and determined divert from irrationality to ANOTHER rationality.
Chow digested his hate and surprisingly cherish remained after his hate in his body. His cherish was clossed-overed with love....closering to the love which reminded him/her the love paralysed him/her before.
She, however, just confined herself into the feeling of cherish because of fear. His cherish gives her - Su Lin, ironically, some conviction to live more with her rationality in irrationality. His cherish gives himself more strength in loving more than before. Ironically? For her Ė Su Lin, maybe yes.
But for himself, no.
You will see.

BTW, well anyway it is difficult thing to align the Tony films that I love...and I actually forgot to put IMFL...
I am not sure if I place In the mood of love yet ...
It could be somewhere between around 2- 7 or else...
Say, at this moment, the countdown on the basis of the degree how far I love the Tony film... from many points of view...mmm... well, IMFL is IMFL.

good night
7thclouds (mari t)
because of your sense of life
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